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Author Topic: Got ammo for my 20 gauge  (Read 5811 times)

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Re: Got ammo for my 20 gauge
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Now that's a question I been asking myself from the beginning. There ain't no way in heck I'm going to spot a squirrel at 300 yds, even in the wide open. Now a yote is a different matter. Throw them in the mix and the WSM becomes a justifiable bit of hardware.
There used to be a big old fox squirrel my brothers and I tried to get a shot into. He denned in a big half dead oak tree at the bottom of a bluff. He had a great outlooking limb that afforded him an excellent view from all directions.
One day on the opposite bluff, my brother and I spotted the squirrel sunning as usual and we knew he was watching us and ready to zip again into his den.
I told my brother Charlie I was going to try a shot because we would not get closer without the squirrel fleeing into his hole.
I aimed over the squirrel with my Marlin 60 that was topped with an old Bushnell Banner that was cranked up to its max of 9X, and sent a CCI Stinger on its way.
Seconds later, the squirrel dropped! Charlie was dumbfounded, as well as I was.  :shock:  The squirrel was at least 300 yards distance when I pulled the trigger.
After stomping a briar patch down to get the squirrel as Charlie stood by, I lifted the squirrel and showed it to Charlie. The squirrel had a big Stinger hole through his head.  :twisted:
I still have same rifle and won't part with it.
Those shots can be made if conditions are right.
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