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Jersey Bear Huntin'? Wow
« on: December 08, 2003, 03:55:52 PM »
VERNON, N.J. New Jersey opened its first bear hunt in 33 years Monday with hunters trekking into snow-filled woods before dawn as animal rights activists protested nearby.
Hunters' trucks and sport utility vehicles lined entrance roads to Wawayanda State Park (search), where hunters were allowed to go out a half-hour before sunrise, said Conservation officer Tom Keck.

A dozen protesters at the park carried signs reading, "No bear slaughter in my state" and "Act now, Governor. Protect citizens and wildlife."

The six-day hunt was authorized to thin New Jersey's swelling black bear (search) population, estimated by state wildlife officials to be as high as 3,200.

The first bear, a 160-pound female, was bagged around 8 a.m. on Hamburg Mountain in Sussex County. The hunter, Harry McDole, said he had killed three bears in Canada on previous hunting trips.

"I've waited 33 years to shoot one in New Jersey," said McDole, 63. "This is the best one because I got it in Jersey." He said he planned to eat the meat and have "a rug or something" made from the pelt.

Officials have said that bears are becoming more of a menace to people in the state. In Vernon this summer, officers shot one of the animals after it went through the screen door of a house. A woman inside had to barricade herself in the bedroom until police got there, officials said.

About 200 animal advocates, some armed with video recorders, went into the woods to make sure hunters stayed clear of dens and other areas where hunting was forbidden, said Lynda Smith, director of the Bear Education and Resource Group (search), which has tried to teach residents how to live with bears.

"I fought against this day for 10 years," Smith said. "One week of bear hunting, nothing's going to be solved. Come spring the bears will still be eating our garbage and still be walking through our back yards."

Wearing a bear mask, Janice Wrubel of Nutley said the state has not aggressively pursued alternatives to the hunt, including sterilization.

The state opened up 1 million acres in northern New Jersey to hunters and issued just over 5,200 bear permits.

On Friday, a federal judge put a crimp the state's plans, temporarily closing the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area to hunters. The federal land constitutes up to 25 percent of the area designated for the hunt, according to a lawyer representing New Jersey's Fish and Game Council.

U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton said he would decide Tuesday whether to extend the restraining order through the six-day hunt.

The storm that left more than a foot of snow in the area could also drive bears many into their dens, where they will be off limits.

"With a heavy snow like this, they may not even come out," said Joe Sampogna, who has hunted since 1975. "They may just stay in their dens."
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Jersey Bear Huntin'? Wow
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2003, 08:33:40 PM »
I subscribe to the US Sportsmans Alliance newsletter and have been keeping up on this.  The thing that ticks me is that the courts ruled not to let any youth hunters in on the hunt! :x  :x  :x

Here's a link to the last article that I received.

Also, on that page, there's a link to subscribe to their newsletter.  I encourage everyone to do so.  A buddy of mine lives in Wisconsin.  The Governor recently vetoed a bill that would allow concealed carry.  I sent him the article and he hadn't heard about it yet!  Needless to say, he's contacting the Governor's office, as well as a few other people..........  Anyway, subscribe to the newsletter.  You won't be disappointed!
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Jersey Bear Huntin'? Wow
« Reply #2 on: December 09, 2003, 07:09:21 AM »
It's great that NJ now has a bear season and realizes that without hunting control to help with the bear problems, things get worse. Then you throw in the anti's and the bad weather. It makes for an uphill battle to hunt. I hunted bear in Minn. on numerous occasions, both bow and gun. Minn. had then and has since bear problems. I think because of not enough hunting, for one reason. I had a fisticuffs encounter with an anti hunter near Cotton, Minn. He was a local and a general nut case. Where he made his mistake, he first insulted me,and then when I tried to peacefully walk away, he grabbed me by the shoulder, from behind. The NEXT thing he realized was regaining his senses when the police were picking him up off the ground and hauling him off to jail. I don't encourage violent encounters with anti's, just that the anti's should be more careful in their protests. My first Mule deer hunt in Utah back in the '60's was almost blocked by a bunch of protesters at the foot of Mapleton Mountain. The local sheriff showed up and broke it up. He informed the protesters he was going back home, and if one or several of the protesters got shot in the process, tough luck! He was going to be a long way off, and they should know better than to mess with a bunch of folks with rifles at 3:00 AM, out in the middle of nowhere! It was getting pretty ugly until the LEO showed up. I have no doubt some protesters would have been seriously hurt.Or dead. It is hard to keep your cool when some moron is in your face, but you have to, unless you have to act in self defense. There are getting to be some instances of  protesters acting with violence, so be on your toes. They are not ALL peaceful protesters. The one that blocked my path in Utah moved out of my way because he realized he was going to get a lesson in just how hard a rifle butt was. He didn't seem to beleive the LEO, but he beleived me.  :twisted:
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