Author Topic: Isnít it funny? Old Myths just won't die.Steel shot  (Read 4474 times)

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Isnít it funny? Old Myths just won't die.Steel shot
« on: May 01, 2014, 10:35:12 AM »
:idiot2Some Myths' just will not die.
#1 Never shoot steel shot in a full choke gun,
    Wrong ! If you want to shoot with a tighter pattern and longer distances you need a very tight choke and BIG shot. The Myth come from the first generation steel shot and the old soft steel shotguns. the old shells weren't sealed moisture tight and the shot COULD rust together and make a steel slug. When pushed through your old Parker's choke some times it would make a slight bulge in the choke area. Mostly cosmetic in single barreled guns , just a bit less choke...Not a problem now days.

#2 Steel shot just bounces off the ducks and geese.
   There again back in the day ,yes most steel shells where a bit anemic and under powered.
Just can't load'n like lead, you need speed and bigger shot to carry energy to kill birds. Bigger pay loads going faster is key. I like shells that run right under the speed limits of your choke normally 1500 fps. Size does matter. Just forget any thing about lead when you pick steel shot size, distance will dictate the shot size not the size of the bird. Bigger shot , farther distance. BUT after about BBB the air and feather resistance is so poor there just not a good choice.

#3- 2 3/4",3", 3 1/2" ???
    Gets a little fuzzy here. Most cases a 2 3/4 just cant stuff enough shot in to make a good water foul shell. All in all a 3" is a vey good choice the 3 1/2 does carry more shot but normally with less speed, and way more recoil and price. If you need very big shot a 3 1/2" is the way to go but a 3" for most cases is very serviceable.

#4 12 v 10 gauge.
   YES a 12 3 1/2 and a 10 gauge are about the same, Kinda. With a 10 the steel will exit the larger boar in a lot better pattern in fact I have seen info that says an 8 gauge would be the optimum size to shoot larger shot steel, to bad we cant use'm...

Any others that just don't pertain to todays steel shot gunning? :buck2
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Re: Isnít it funny? Old Myths just won't die.Steel shot
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2014, 12:02:45 AM »
The only ther one that comes to mind is some concern that the older barrels might not be hard enough for the steel shot without significant wear. Truth is the barrel theoretically should never be in contact with the shot. The shot is contained in the plastic wad/shot cup.
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Re: Isnít it funny? Old Myths just won't die.Steel shot
« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2014, 09:24:18 AM »
Well said, D!

Since steel shot was introduced and required, newer guns have upgrades of chrome lined barrels and harder steel. Many older guns have been damaged by steel shot, as you well know.

I quit shotgunning about the time lead was outlawed for some hunting.

I heard some older guns are able to have their barrels chrome lined as an after-market improvement.
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Re: Isnít it funny? Old Myths just won't die.Steel shot
« Reply #3 on: May 02, 2014, 09:20:12 PM »
Sometimes you wonder if the outdoor writer that scribbles this stuff really did his homework and research?

For almost as long as I've been alive I have read that if you shoot buckshot through your shotgun you must have a cylinder choke because the other chokes will deform the shot or blow up the barrel or fly to the moon or marry your youngest daughter.

Today my favorite shotgun deer gun is my Mossberg 835, but over the years I've hunted with the 870 Remington, the B-2000 Browning and the Browning Auto 5. I shot full choke from all of them and they all gave me a nice tight pattern with my 00 buckshot. My Mossberg shoots the 3 1/2" 00 buckshot and 3" 00 buckshot. I still use a full choke and still get a nice tight pattern out to 50 yards+.

You have to wonder if some of those writers weren't payed off?
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