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Only One For The Year
« on: May 13, 2014, 02:27:57 PM »
Been busy as crap is why I haven't been on here.  Took a break for a little while from work to let my mind rest and just veg out for a little bit.  :crazy2

Well, I only ended up with one for the year.  But that's still better than what I got last year.  ;D

I'm late posting this.  Our season ran 4/12 through 5/4.  I got the bird 4/13.  Went out a few more times after that, but just couldn't connect.

The morning I got the bird though, I had a heck of a time!  I started out at daylight on one side of the farm and heard gobbling over on the other side of the farm (of course).  I had to high-tail it over there as quick as I could and find me a spot.

Long story short, at one point I had gobblers 180 degrees around me sounding off, all within 150 yards!  You talk about nerve-racking and having your head on a pivot trying to figure out which one was going to show itself first.  :o

Had this one and 2 others coming in on another hill to the left of me and down below me.  I looked at where they were, where they were coming through, and knew I would either have to take a really long shot or an extremely short shot.  I opted for the long shot.  Leveled off and dumped him between 50-60 yards.  It was either that or wait until he popped up over the hill right straight in front of me at about 15 feet.  ::)

Turned out the bird was a jake.   ;D   Oh, well.  Ya' can't eat those beard and spurs anyway.  ;)   He was a little above average for a jake though.  Had about a 5-6" beard and the spurs actually looked like spurs instead of just buttons.

Here's one of the calls, just for giggles.  O0

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Re: Only One For The Year
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2014, 08:50:18 PM »
Nice one! Way to go! That's one more than I got!! O0 O0 O0 O0 O0 O0 O0 O0 O0
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Re: Only One For The Year
« Reply #2 on: May 14, 2014, 09:33:45 AM »
 O0 :) Nice bird, pictures, and tough hunting, BC!
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