Author Topic: first time out with the 6mm project, load work up  (Read 3433 times)

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first time out with the 6mm project, load work up
« on: February 09, 2015, 02:47:44 PM »
Finally !
Did "Some" load work today. Had about 100 shells to try out and shot all but 9.
Many different bullets, and powder all Remington brass and fed primers.
 The worst of the bunch where Berger 95 gr I cant remember the powder but all 9 of them shot like crap best of the worst was over 5" group there out . Did a bunch of "Deer" bullets and came up with ,

Barnes 80 gr triple shock= 50 gr, superformance, 3545 fps average, an honest 3/4" three shot group.
Remington brass federal 210 primer.

We tried many different sizes and powder for varmints and this is what we settled on.

Varget 46.5= 3945 average 55 gr Nosler ballistic tip
Remington brass federal 210 primer.
I have a hard time saying we had a 1/2 group but we had a 1/2" group.

We were shooting laying down with short bipods ,and a but bag under the stock, shooting straight in to the wind at 100 yards range finder ranged. We used the magnetospeed to check the speed.
I'm just a Little skeptical about only an 80 gr for deer but at that speed it should be devastating.
 A 55 gr ballistic tip 6mm at 4000 fps may not be fur friendly as I would like but we will see.

I hope to fine tune that a bit and with a little better scope I'm using my cheep Bushnell right now and plan on a Redfield soon.
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Re: first time out with the 6mm project, load work up
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2015, 02:12:08 AM »
 :shock:  O0 I would say you worked up some awesome loads for an awesome rifle, D!  That should vaporize a lot of varmints and slam deer down. Wolves will be history, too. Now to get out and get some shots.  O0
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