Author Topic: Bear, BEAR, I'm talking a big yellow bear !!!!!  (Read 1661 times)

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Bear, BEAR, I'm talking a big yellow bear !!!!!
« on: June 02, 2015, 12:34:29 PM »
   I think I'm ruined for life!
The little granddaughter had her 6th birthday party at a local trampoline party stop. The boy and I had his little Toyota loaded for a bear hunt. The Party didn't get to a point where we could slip out till around 4:00.I gave her a big hug and she said "good luck Papa" and we left. A little over an hour and we where at the boys bear honey hole. This spot has been hot the last week of the season. The boys co-worker got that nice boar, his wife got her bear the boy got shots at two other bear here and they saw a nice blond sow with two cubs here. We Have had a bunch of rain this week but we got there as it was clearing and figured we needed to get the tent up before another set of rain. Half an hour later and we where scrambling to his spotting spot.

We got settled and started looking. This is an old burn about twenty years old. The forest service recently reclaimed a lot of the logging roads. This is what the bear are working, every day they come in and turn over rocks, stumps and down fall.

And it's all limestone outcropping so there are lots of rock. About 8:30 we saw him. 500 yards up on a steep slope flipping rocks a huge "Yellow" ( black) bear. Looking through the binows you could see his muscles flex as the rocks and stumps flew to the side and his face in the dirt eating the bounty in the fresh dirt. We could not tell if his feet and face where just dirty or if they where actually chocolate colored. I had the 45/70 and the boy had his 6.5 Swede, neither are good long range guns. So one of us had to try a hunt on this gorgeous bear and we had to do it FAST.
For an old guy I scrambled through the limestone coulees fairly well and got to where I thought I remembered the bear being.

I was thinking I was above the boar so I slipped out slowly  in to the rock field. The gun in the ready. Walked and looked , no bear, hum. I looked toward the boy he was still Laing still so I knew the bear was still here, Someplace. By now the 60+ year old heart was going 90 mph, in anticipation, I HAD TO BE CLOSE. Hunted across the rock and reclaimed road looking till my eyes hurt. HOW can I Not see this yellow giant. I stopped knelt down and looked back at my son. He was up and trying to give me directions. After several very anxious minutes I figured out he was telling me the bear was higher up the mountain, crap and here I'm out running around in the open. I got back into some cover and ran up hill. Now the light is really getting dim. If I was going to get this bear I HAD to do it NOW!
I got a glimpse of his 3 foot wide ass clearing the ridge top in the very last seconds of light and it was over not a chance for a shot. DANG a bear of a life time just walked away from me.
We both got back to the truck about the same time the full moon was well up and we could see well. With a Very heave heart we drove back to the tent in the dark and empty handed.

Near 11PM  now we eat and slept hard. I dreamed of the sight of him walking away so it was not a very restful sleep it was and exhausted and dyeing sleep.

Maybe just maybe we could find him in the morning.
But after a night of FULL moon we knew it was probably not going to happen.
Hunting from very first light till around noon yielded  us nothing but a nice walk in the wood.
 I'm now ruined for life I want THIS BEAR. I'm going to be on a quest for this YELLOW BEAR!
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Re: Bear, BEAR, I'm talking a big yellow bear !!!!!
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2015, 11:58:35 PM »
Great read, but ummm... Ishmael was the first mate. It was Ahab who sought the whale. O0
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Re: Bear, BEAR, I'm talking a big yellow bear !!!!!
« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2015, 06:39:20 AM »
Dang the luck, D! Almost!  :'( It sure is great reading and pictures. So now your season has ended?
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