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Author Topic: Long day ending well  (Read 474 times)

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Long day ending well
« on: June 09, 2015, 03:20:19 PM »
Very hot day yesterday, had to work, 11 hour day and breezy. When I pulled in to my parking spot in my back yard my New Neighbor ran over and cornered me. We where talking over the fence a week or so ago 'bout calling coyotes. This guy is mid 40's a Montana born California transplant. Moved outa state when he was just a kid but as a kid he did do a lot of hunting and fishing. Now that he is back he is trying to reacquaint him self with Montana. I told him one day I would take him out calling. OK.
 Alright ,lets do it this evening. I got up at "one am." and could really use an early night but here we go. With the heat and the wind I calculated in my mind where we could go and have at least a slim chance. The Eastern part of the Little Belts came to mind. I looked at NOAA sight and the wind would be workable and temps should be cooler. I had to get my stuff together and check the maps and GPS and make dinner for the family first so we agreed on a leave time of 5 pm. The agreed upon time he was standing behind the Suburban gun in hand, but that was about all He did have on some of his ex military camo that looked good for where we would be hunting. I grabbed him a cushion to sit on , a set of good shooting sticks and a pair of binoculars, off we go. We had an hour drive to where I planed to start. Talking with him he told me He had just got his rifle and had only put 10 shells through it at a target at 100 yards. OK. No big thing I planed on backing him up anyway and the chances of seeing a coyote where kinda slim anyway. Funny, and good thing we aren't saving fur, his gun was his deer/elk gun a 300 supper short mag, should put down the biggest coyote for sure. We get out to Forest land and looked for some kind of coyote set. I'm not a big mountain caller and not really good knowing what I'm looking for. We hiked in to several good looking spots and called with every sound I could think of, Nothing. By now it's 8:30 but the wind dropped to nothing and the temps cooling fast, NICE. I had to rethink our attack and I thought if I hurried we could make a call or two out on the prairie ,something I knew. We blasted down the gravel roads to a 4 mile block of state prairie land only 10 miles away. The sun was starting to slip down behind the horizon when we got set up. I kinda pushed the call set up and got the call going before we where really ready . Dam a coyote stood up 300 yards out in front of us and slipped away out of sight, but it was calling back the whole way. Now what? I new the road went out near where he was last seen and it had a HUGE "Brake". That's where it was heading. We grabbed our stuff and sprinted back to the Sub and flew down the road. Hopped the fence and picked a wash out to sit in about 40 yards apart. 9:35 I called again with the FoxPro an dying coyote pup fallowed by a male challenge . Well, we hit the right spot, the right time , and the right sound. The coyote came charging up out of the brake much closer then I planed and straight up the wash out my newbie was sitting.
 I neglected to tell him this may occur and how to stop them... Well at around 50 yards He got a shot off no where near the coyote and then another at around 30 yards . As the coyote ran past him and out of sight I could see the expression on his face, <<<THIS IS WHY I HUNT COYOTES>>> No coyote but he is Hooked and NEVER been so excited . He IS Going to do it again. Drove home in the dark yapping all the way. 11:30 when we parked at my house, I just locked up the truck in the car port and drug my self in to bed. LONG day but fun watching him try to deal with 20 pounds of snarling, growling pissed off coyote. It made the 150 mile drive well worth it.
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Re: Long day ending well
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2015, 06:39:32 AM »
 ;D Wow! That was some hunt, D! Your neighbor is hooked and could use some shooting lessons, yes?
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