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killing coyotes in spite of my inner rookie
« on: July 26, 2015, 04:52:51 PM »

My buddy Brian and I went calling this weekend.
We have a curse when just him and I go calling. We normally just end up going for a drive and walking the guns. We finally broke the curse, or at least bent it...
We went to our old river brakes deer spot. We haven't hunted for deer therefor many years, the deer crashed and just did not come back. The wind was just right 5 mph out of the south west but always blowing up the brakes in to our face, no matter where we called. In the morning it was cool but later in the day it got HOT!

The very first peace of public land ( Blm )we came to after turning on to the road in we stopped. Wind was good, truck was hidden and a very short walk.
We found some good hidey holes and I set the call between us About 15 yards in front. Settled in and I hit a female howl. BAM a coyote stands up about 300 yards in front of me, Brian didn't see it . I went to hit the pup call and, nothing . Dead batteries in the caller, Rookie mistake #1. The standing coyote walks away...
I snuck down and replaces all 8 batteries and got back fairly quickly and started to call again.
I was expecting to see the same coyote come back , Rookie mistake #2. called for 25 minutes no dog, I didn't have my binoculars on me so I turned the scope up to 12 and was scanning the horizon with the call off getting ready to go. Yup rookie # 3 move. Out of my left eye I see a coyote bouncing in from behind us.
It was a pup and didn't know the rules. It crossed the road in front of our carefully hidden truck and was looking for a playmate. 45 yards next to me and walking in to the call. The scope still on 12 and off the bipods, I try to get a shot, rookie mistakes all over. I didn't bark to stop him, there was no rush but I rushed the shot. The pup is a LOT smarter that day...
A few more sets and we got two more to come in. Brian was up hill of me a bit with the call between us as normal. Two pups come trotting in like they had a play date. They got under me behind a small berm  to where I could not see them but I figured he could and he did . One shot from the AR and I heard the Thurop of the 55 gr hit home. I thought to my self Curse broken.
I set up for a running shot but never saw the other one. Brian got one fast shot at the other pup now running at bout Mock 10.

We made 11 sets I think in total. The last one down the whooped do road A peace of road that will curl the hair on any stunt drivers back.
We sat on opposite  sides of the road and the call ON the road top the ridge the road sets on. We called a long time 25 minutes ish and I here the AR again Just as I was putting my scope on the shoulders of a coyote 150 yards in front of me right on the horizon.
It was gone before I could shoot. I thought we had two on the ground I hoped. My buddy Brian had rushed his shot to and we ended the day with 6 called in and one dead.
By now it's around 90* and 1:00 pm Not much use to go on. All the dogs came in on coyote sounds. Like male challenge, female whimpers and pup in distress.
The deer and cows came in too on coyote sounds, HUMMM ???

We saw deer like in the old days, Every place you let your eyes settle had deer .
 Many bucks ,4 and 5 point bucks, all the does had twins .
I'm talking all over the place. The side roads,like big buck canyon, whoopty do , No out ridge,and the others where all grassed over, No traffic for a LONG time. I think we need to think about this as an opining day place.

Rookie coyote killer "D"
DO to the increasing cost of energy, Gas,and Electricity. The Down turn in the economy.
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Re: killing coyotes in spite of my inner rookie
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2015, 06:47:13 AM »
I think you broke the curse but some did hang on that day, D. I sure like your pictures. You headed back there soon, huh?
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