Author Topic: Junk yard 6mm rem, exceeds all expectations  (Read 6470 times)

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Junk yard 6mm rem, exceeds all expectations
« on: October 29, 2015, 10:00:16 AM »
  You know when I bought the used bolt off the computer two years ago I had a hope of putting together some kind of rifle. I had a 6mm /06 in mind but I had a 6mm Remington fall in my lap It was a Mauser action that my bolt worked nicely in. It was used and had some rust and the guy that had it could not make it shoot even remotely where he pointed it. I later found out the scope mount holes where drilled and taped in the wrong spots. Then remember all the info I was begging for to find out WHAT Mauser action it was, boy... I still can't thank every one for all the help on that . After some elimination and blind ordering of pieces parts used new, and army surpluses I determined it was an old Herter's action. I found an inexpensive composite stock and the game was on. A little professional smiting from the boys at Capital Sports in Helena and the bolt/action worked flawlessly. A lot of begging trading buying and I scraped together around 300 brass, man that was a monumental undertaking in it self, price is not to bad there just NOT available. Then some creative scope mount work and some bases with all kinds of adjustments and I got the nice Redfield 4X12 scope at least looking the same direction the mussel was. Then a bunch of load and paper work. I was hoping to get at LEAST, a gun that may shoot nearly as good as the 243 savage. Doesn't sound like a tall order but that Savage is truly remarkable. After many years of tweaking the load and literally 1000's of rounds of shooting it and it will put an 85 gr Speer through the same hole all day long. A tall order for a junk yard rifle like I was building. But after two years in the making and developing I just don't have any words to describe what kind of gun it turned in to. Every time I pull the Timney trigger on it I almost have to set it down and admire it. I shoot it my jaw drops down and I can't help but say WOW. A 55 gr Nosler partition and superformance powder, at 4200 fps will shoot the flees of a prairie dogs tail, and will slam a coyote to the ground. Till this weekend all I had was paper work and a few dead coyotes to tell me how the 80 gr TTS Barnes at 3800 fps would work. But as expected on Mule deer over 300 yards it is going to be a deer killing laser beaming SOB!!! EVEN better then my greatest dreams when I first got delivery of the shiny jeweled bolt I bought un seen over the computer.
The only possible regret is, it turned out to be right at 12 pounds loaded with a sling and bi-pods     
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Re: Junk yard 6mm rem, exceeds all expectations
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2015, 08:26:19 AM »
 O0 Nice work, D, and quite a rifle! What Mauser action is it? 12 lbs of rifle is a lot to lug around but the end result is sure worth it.

Of course your Savage .243 shoots great, just like both of mine do. O0 BC wishes he could own a bunch of Savage rifles.  ^-^
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