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Upland bird season, blood on the truck...
« on: September 04, 2017, 10:35:06 PM »
Friday the first kicked off our upland bird season and turkey.

The Boy is busy saving Christmas trees, so for the first time in MANY years I had to go on our annual labor day hunt by my self.

I even tried to get the little Granddaughter to skip school ( second day of third grade )and come . She said " Papa I just cant do that " Humm what are they teaching kids now days anyway.

Turkey hunting is just to far for an old man to do a one day hunt so I elected to stay closer to home and try sharp tail and doves.

One section 640 acers of grass is very donating for one guy to hunt let me say that. I would concentrate on structure like fence lines , coulees and water fetchers .

I JUST could not be in the right place at the right time, I found birds, just not where I could shoot them.

I did get one long shot and did not connect.

Hunted hard from sun up to noon. Nothing.

I had to change the sight in on the 6mm from the varmint loads 55 gr Nosler 4200 fps to my deer loads 80gr Barnes at 3700 fps.

Not a big change 2 clicks up and one click to the right and we where good.

I did 6 shots to confirm 3 and 3.

I zero at 200 yards off my sticks, that's how I normally shoot hunting

That's about the size of a quarter , off sticks I think that will do.

Funny thing.

 As I turned around to put the rifle back in to the truck I look over on the hill behind me and see 2 pup coyotes sitting there around 80 yards just watching me.

Dang, empty gun shells on the seat of the truck.

I thought I was finished hunting for the day and headed home.

On the way I see a flock of Hungarian Partridge "Huns" setting in the drainage of a stock tank about 10 feet off the road.

I think to my self " If they where on state land I'd try for them" as I look at my GPS. WOW they are on state land and I poked the nose of my new red truck in to the barrow pit and jumped out. Not a bad park job I think as I duck under the fence. Over a slit rise and the birds jumped about 40 yards I picked one and fired He crumpled and fell along side the road, nice! Huns can fly about mock 2 and can get to speed in one second flat so a second shot was a no go.

I'm standing there looking over the drainage ditch just kinda looking around. Crap two more coyote pups sitting up looking back.

This time I had more shells in the gun and wasted no time leveling the 870 on to one of there chest. A , 1 3/8oz , load of #5X#71/2 lead at 1300 fps and a 50 yard shot put the poor pup down flat not a wiggle the second one fled in the over grown ditch never to be seen again.


On the way home parked in a ditch I get more game in a minute and a half then I did all morning Clap

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Re: Upland bird season, blood on the truck...
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2017, 01:50:45 AM »
 O0 You did really good, considering how your day started, D!

I'd ventured your rifle is certainly ready to go. Are you about over-run with coyotes this year?
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