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Author Topic: Again with the waterbug  (Read 857 times)

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Re: Again with the waterbug
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O0 And now comes the last of the welding?


I did a no load, no prop today.
 All looked good. The clutch started to move at around 1800rpm.
 I did not have my laser tack on the hub but it looked slower then the drive.
 It starts out at 3x1.
 As I increased the motor RPM the clutches both moved, as expected, the clutches
 Topped out at 3000 RPM, right where I was hoping.
 I should be like .70x1 there ,I would guess around the top end for the prop, 3100RPM.
 I didn't run it long but It was quiet and smooth and looked to be running true.
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Re: Again with the waterbug
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  O0  :) So your waterbug is hitting the water for a water trial pretty soon, D?
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