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Talk about 50 shades of gray MT FWP
« on: December 07, 2017, 01:04:33 PM »
Montana Fish wildlife and Parks!
Brinkmans Game preserve.

Try finding Information on that.

I stumbled across this looking at my Mariss river BMA map.



Block management areas are public/private areas set aside for hunting with special regulations unique to the area.

Some just walk in some just sign in and some with permission.

On the BMA Map regulations this states "special weapons".

Normally that will mean BP, archery, pistol, or shotguns.

Cool, this is not on any BLM/Forest service map I have maps from 1977 to 2005.

 I happen to live in GF where the regional FWP office is.

 After an exhausting several hour search of there web sight

I went to it.

I ask about what kind of weapons I can use.

Girl at the desk, " I don't know". I'll check. She hit the computer to look , nothing here she says.


She goes in back and comes out with a Map with reg's on the back.

Looks like only archery during deer season only, otherwise every thing is illegal.


I explain the BMA map does not say that, the computer does not say that, any and all other official public maps don't even SHOW it.

How can that be? Girl behind the counter says "I Don't Know".

 It also says I cant run a motorized form of transportation , OK?

So Now I have over 4 hours time searching and a trip to there office and I'm still confused.

So I ask " Using a boat access area just a mile or two up stream asper the BMA maps and want to fish  I cant?

No you can the Preserve does not regulate the river asper the "The stream access law". A motorized boat is ok.

Can I duck hunt in the river? I ask. No discharging any weapon on the preserve is illegal. The stream access law says I can hunt /fish/recreate between the high water marks, and the preserve does not regulate the river.

Right she said. So I can shoot ducks? Nope not on the preserve .


So I leave the ramp legal go a mile and I'm illegal for 20 miles then I legal again ? YUP she said.

Is there a warden around today? I ask . No not today .

How can all this be?

I know there is a reason for all the gray areas in our game laws.

 It is so the FWP can wright more tickets, I know that.

I made a huge effort to find out all most nothing.

What is a casual recreater to do?

 I wonder if there is a rule about hunting/fishing if your wearing green under pants? HOW would I find out?

50 shades of gray!


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Re: Talk about 50 shades of gray MT FWP
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 :shock:  :idiot2 :crazy2 :uglystupid2 :tickedoff Wow! What the H? Is like a dog chasing its tail to get straight info.  :tickedoff
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