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Author Topic: How many elk does one family need ?  (Read 5429 times)

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How many elk does one family need ?
« on: December 17, 2017, 10:17:50 PM »
AS many as you can get I guess.
The boy and his wife each got two a bull and a cow.
I don't normally hunt elk any more but I rottenly put in for damage hunts
for them, never get a draw.
I got back from calling yesterday and had a FWP letter on the counter.
I thought it was a survey or something, NOPE.
A notice I got drawn for an elk damage hunt. I can get two licenses for two cows.
It is a 9 week hunt this Monday to Feb 15th that is 4 weeks longer then the general season.
I have not decided yet, we have taken several deer and they got antelope too.
It is easy to give deer and elk away in the normal hunting season, the processors are still open .
Now the people would have to proses an elk at home, that's a lot of work.
If I can find two people willing to do that I'll go always fun to hunt.
PS I got a fox .

And Merry Christmas.

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Re: How many elk does one family need ?
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2017, 02:28:20 AM »
 O0 Congratulations to your son and daughter in law on their elk and conrats on the your elk damage tags, D!
You folks sure did a nice job with the deer and speed goats.

Also, nice fox, fella!

I like the cartoon, too!  ;D
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