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Called in 17 coyotes
« on: March 18, 2018, 09:43:49 PM »
  I don't know why but my pictures will not stick ??? SORRY

 We called in 17 coyotes
 AND no fur????

 A super wonderful trip. Snow drifts, open gravel roads MUD and water over the roads great trip.
Took the big truck loaded with our tools this time and went back to where we called last week.
Still no sine of any one being back in there so we where the first in a month at least. e have been having a big melt and conditions where challenging to sat the least. we took BOTH a 4wheeler and a snowmobile not knowing what we would find. The "Main" road was blocked by the same drift as last time but now was a river of snowmelt and mud. 17 mile of Muck. We found a place we could turn the truck around and in loaded . We chose the snowmobile. Most of the roads where blown clear and should have been using the 4wheeler, but no way to get to the clear spots with out a snowmobile. EVERY set we had coyotes in sight. Multiple dogs, just never worked to our advantage, still great fun to see them come in from miles away. We had two opportunity's but you know $hit happens. One I had dead to rights but had to shift my stick a few inches. The lower part stayed in the stick mud , the rest did not . Crap an off hand shot sitting twisted around never works but I tried.
Later the boy had a chance 3 coyotes under 100 yards. First shot, on shell in the chamber, second shot he had short stroked the bolt, no shell in the chamber, third shot shell in the chamber but a miss fire, Dang can't get a brake, 4th shot was a running 300 yard shot with his 17 hornet just did not connect. I tried a 500 yard shot with the 22/250 and almost did it, just as I pulled the trigger the coyote started to walk off and I missed by a few inches .

 A wonderful trip...

 The trip out was just as bad as in only now the sun was up and we could SEE what we where driving through WOW!

[img width=500 s*it_house_a.jpg[/img]http://[img width=333 s*it_house_b.jpg[/img]

[img width=333 s*it_house_b.jpg[/img]http://[img width=500 s*it_house_c.jpg[/img]

[img width=500 s*it_house_d.jpg[/img]
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Re: Called in 17 coyotes
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2018, 03:15:25 AM »
 :shock: Wow! Little Siberia hunting!  :wink: You fellas sure made a real try, anyhow. your coyotes must be hungry but wary, huh? Temperature just above freezing, huh?
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