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Author Topic: Your thoughts please  (Read 2041 times)

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Your thoughts please
« on: November 15, 2018, 02:13:44 PM »
Ever wonder???
Up here in the cold plains of Montana, your car can need some help.

The early , dark cold mornings can be rough on a car's motor and starting system. Often times I don't run the car/ truck to get it all warm and charged back up, sooner or later you can run out of battery. I don't put either in a garage, a car port is as good as it gets. I DO plug in the "tank" , frost plug , heater in as soon as I park it for the night. I have a battery Blanket on the car that plugs in with the heater. You think a Battery tender would be  cheep insurance?

I have a tender on both boats that stay plugged in  all year when not in use. The "big " boat has 4 batteries  that stay in all year, 3 Optima that are for trolling and are 18 years old. The BOAT battery is a glass mat used for starting and is 5 years old, I think the tender is the reason . But on a car/truck I would tie it in to the same plug as the heater And it would rum all night every winter night.

I can get two 1.5 amp. tenders on Amazon for $34 bucks ,free freight, one for each vehicle. Think it is worth the effort ?
DO to the increasing cost of energy, Gas,and Electricity. The Down turn in the economy.
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Re: Your thoughts please
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2018, 03:51:11 AM »
  O0 I think your long living batteries prove it is a wise investment, D. If not for the tenders, your batteries would have given up their ghosts long ago.
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