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Old Plugs *wanted*
« on: February 15, 2005, 10:47:36 PM »
Looking to buy Heddon lures.  ^-^

Will pay top $$$ for ex grade lures (preferably lures in "the list", and mainly of color schemes I do not have on some of them)

THE LIST: (refer to pics added)

Heddon 740 (wooden, not the plastic 9630's) Punkinseeds (only need color scheme Red and White Shore, but will also look at any uncatalouged colors.)

Heddon 730 (wooden, not plastic 9630's) Punkinseeds (only need color scheme Red and White Shore, but will look at any uncatalouged colors)

Heddon TRUE vampires (not vamps), glass eyed, L rig

Heddon Meadow Mouse, no flock, glass or tack eyes, L rig

Heddon Crazy Crawler, Donally clipped

Heddon Tadpollys, glass eyed, L rig, any style collar

Wooden river runts, glass eyed

Heddon Gamefishers and Baby gamefishers

These are 740 and 730 Punkinseeds:

A lone Punkinseed:

Misc. Lures (note the following in the list: Top: Vampire, Meadow Mouse, Vampire
 3rd row: Crazy Crawler, vamp, Crazy Crawler;  4th row: Tadpollys;   5th row:river runt (wood), Tadpolly, river runt  ;  6th row: S.O.S. , Gamefisher, Luny Frog, etc.)


Right now, first priority are the Punkinseeds I need (Red&White Shore), they will be the ones that receive the most "attention"  :wink:

Post here or pm me for email addy to send pics and info. thanky  :wink:


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Re: Old Plugs *wanted*
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2005, 01:28:18 AM »
No longer needing red and white shore 730 punkinseed (THANKS!)

now searching for a 730 shad (SHA, not SD) (the one with flitter) for replacement lure. Looking for ex or better..thanks.

**edit** no longer need the 730 SHA (Thanks!!) . Still need a "bone white-slap brand new" 740 Red and White shore punkinseed for replacement lure. Also, will still look at any uncatalogued colors...will pay auction-going rate for the ones in great condition.

Now, looking for a replacement lure: 730 Silver shore better condition than mine are.
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