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Amazing Archery Support
« on: January 19, 2004, 04:29:37 AM »
A while back I was working part time in a sporting goods store to help my two buddies that owned the place. One fella that hung out there had an arm support that was amazing and simple. The accuracy he shot with was something to see! What the thing he made and was using, I will try to describe. His arm that held the bow while he was shooting was supported by an aluminum cupped "shelf" that supported his arm from forward of the elbow to almost to his wrist. that "shelf" was in turn bolted to an aluminum piece of about 1/8"thick aluminum, 1" wide, and ran to a small support plate that was on his pants belt, just a small plate about 4" long, and 3" wide. The aluminum part that ran from the arm support to the belt was hinged at the part that supported his forearm. The belt plate had a drop in notch in it. So, With you aiming the bow with the 3 part support, your arm was rock solid and the weight of your arm and bow was resting on your hip, because the belt plate is fastened right about over your front pants pocket, or a comfortable close to that spot on your belt. The entire rig didn't weigh hardly anything. The guy could put his arrows practically in the same hole all day long! He shot MUCH better with the support than he did without it. In a nutshell, while you are shooting, you are resting your entire bow holding arm  and bow on your hip. You have to do a little adjusting of the support arm length; that is the part that runs from the wrist/arm support to the belt plate. The belt plate is slightly curved to fit your rounded body, about where your hip area is at your belt level.  I thought when I saw his "device" that he had some gears upstairs slipping, but when he shot  at our indoor range, I was really impressed. He was going to see if it was "legal" to use it at bow matches. One improvement I can see is the support piece that goes from the belt plate to the arm support be hinged to the belt plate, so when not shooting, you just lift your arm and the support  will drop down and hang along side of your leg, still attatched to the belt plate by a hinge. The other end of the piece, you would just lift it when you want to shoot, and fit it  into a notch in the arm support, at the end near your wrist. Now, are you confused? The support is rock solid when in place, beleive it or not.
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Amazing Archery Support
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2004, 10:49:34 AM »
Sounds pretty cool!  I can't imagine something like that being legal in a match though.  Sounds like a good way to nail some squirrels and wabbits to a tree :twisted: !
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