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Author Topic: $530 Million From Sportsmen for Conservation and Education  (Read 709 times)

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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that State fish and wildlife agencies will share more than $530 million in excise taxes paid by America's recreational shooters, hunters, anglers and boaters, to support fish and wildlife conservation and education programs.

The wildlife restoration apportionment for 2005 totals more than $235 million, with more than $46 million going for hunter education and shooting range programs. The apportionment for sport fish restoration for 2005 totals nearly $295 million.

Wildlife restoration funds are made available to states based on land area (land plus inland waters, such as lakes and large rivers) and the number of hunting license holders in each state. Distribution of hunter education funds is based on the relative population of each state. The Service distributes sport fish restoration funds to the states based on the land and water area (land plus inland water, plus the Great Lakes and marine coastal areas) and the number of fishing license holders in each state.

Federal Assistance funds pay for up to 75 percent of the cost of each project while the states contribute at least 25 percent. For state-by-state funding allocations, please visit the Service's Division of Federal Assistance web site at

This is a good reminder of the profound impact sportsmen play in conserving fish and wildlife in America. It's just the sort of powerful fact we can remind people of as we seek to play a leadership role in moving hunting, fishing and conservation policy issues back to their rightful place on the country's national priority list.
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