Author Topic: Anti's Again Attempt to Ban Trapping in Maryland  (Read 1276 times)

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Anti's Again Attempt to Ban Trapping in Maryland
« on: February 06, 2004, 07:28:51 PM »
Anti-trappers have found friends in the Maryland legislature and are again scheming to topple the stateís trapping heritage.

Sen. Sharon Grosfeld, D-Montgomery, and Delegate Barbara Frush, D-Prince Georgeís, have been persuaded by animal rights fanatics for the third consecutive session to introduce anti-trapping legislation in their respective houses.  Senate Bill 279 and House Bill 498 would make it illegal for a person to use, set, place, or maintain a leghold trap to capture an animal.

A hearing for SB 279 is scheduled for February 10 in the Senate Committee on Education, Health, and Environment Affairs.  House Bill 498 is currently in the House Committee on Environmental Matters and is scheduled for debate on February 25.

In the past, the animal rights movement had the support of former Gov. Parris Glendening.  In 2001, Glendening was labeled by the U.S. Sportsmenís Alliance as the most anti-hunting governor in America for his opposition to pro-hunting bills and his staunch support of the animal rights agenda. The antiís clearly still have friends in the legislature and sportsmen must act now to protect their outdoor heritage.
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