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Author Topic: Venison With Mushroom Gravy Roast  (Read 1016 times)

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Venison With Mushroom Gravy Roast
« on: April 14, 2005, 01:35:22 PM »

After growing up in a hunting heritage type of family, this recipe was adopted as a family favorite.  While just about any cut of venison can be utilized, I usually choose the tenderloin, as that is easily the tastiest, and most desired piece of venison ever available.  This is an easy dish as there are no special seasoning or marinating steps required.  This recipe is for the natural venison lover!

This dish can be served alone, or accompanied with sides of wild rice, potatoes of any kind (including mashed utilizing some of the already available gravy, baked, twice baked, or hash browns), corn, green beans, or anything else you would like.  This is a very accomodating recipe that goes well with just about anything.  You can dress this meal up for special occassions, or simply make this an everyday family affair.  This dish will fit well into whatever type of event you would like, depending on what else accompanies it, and how it is presented.  It is truly a great American heritage type of dish!

Enjoy, and try to stay out of the way from those who will certainly be diving in for a refill of this dish (at the very least, they will want the recipe for it)!! -- posted by CHEF-BOY-I-BE


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