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Author Topic: pachmayr 12 guage double barrel (Duplicate will be deleted on 7/16)  (Read 943 times)

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Just bought a 12 guage from my friend it looks really old but still in good condition was wondering if anybody knows anything about it because i cant find anythin on the net about it.  I got it for $250 my friend who sold it to me got it from an old lady whos house he's remodeling.  Her uncle just passed away and he was a gunsmith and she doesnt like guns so she gave some to my friend for payment of his labor.

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Re: pachmayr 12 guage double barrel (Duplicate will be deleted on 7/16)
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Need a little more info.  What markings are on the metal?  Pachmayr never made weapons as far as I know, they make accesories like grips and butt pads.  So I am assuming that it has a Pachmayr butt pad.

You can probably pop off the forearm and then open the action and the barrels will come away from the stock.  Look all over the thing and let us know what markings are on the metal.
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