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Author Topic: Bill Targets Alaska Bears  (Read 942 times)

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Bill Targets Alaska Bears
« on: February 21, 2004, 07:03:36 AM »
JUNEAU, AK--Sen. Ralph Seekins (R-AK) introduced a bill earlier this month that would allow hunters to kill black or brown bears in areas where they're considered a threat to big game prey populations. Seekins says the bill is an alternative to relocating bears.

Senate Bill 297 would institute relaxed regulations in areas where the Alaska Board of Game has established an intensive management program and identified bear predation as a cause of declining numbers or productivity of other game animals such as moose and caribou.

The bill would allow people to kill black or brown bears during the same day they've been flying; shoot sows accompanied by cubs that are at least 1 year old; kill bears that are at least 1 year old; use any motorized vehicle to assist in hunting bears; kill a bear within a half-mile of a garbage dump; use walkie-talkies and/or an electronic predator call device to help hunt bears; and bait bears without having to register with the state's game department.

In addition to these provisions, under Seekins's bill nonresidents, who currently can only hunt grizzly bears with an official guide or with an Alaska relative, could hunt bears if accompanied by an adult Alaska resident. Bear seasons would remain open year-round in the specified areas, as written in the bill.

The measure has been referred to the Senate Resources and Finance committees.
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