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« on: February 25, 2004, 03:12:11 PM »
I got into a debate about camo patterns and am curious to know what you all think.  My personal opinion (yeah, I know about opinions) is that Joe Schmoe buck couldn't care less if you're wearing the latest $300 shirt and pants as long as it's not solid colors/patterns moving.  I think scent is a bigger factor than anything else.  Everytime I've talked with someone about this, I just think back to the times that I've had deer standing right in front of me - looking right at me - and not being able to distinguish any sort of danger.   My camo selections are usually based on one type pattern:  "on sale"   :lol:
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« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2004, 05:33:04 PM »
Pile, I'm not real sure I agree. Now mind you this is an isolated experience. I had a doe walk in on me up to 5 feet away.I had on  modern military woodland camo BDU's and a walls black coat.I was sitting on the ground against a cedar tree that had a few dry limbs at the bottom. She looked right at me, stayed in the area for a good ten minutes. She never got more than 30 feet away during this time. I was wearing no cover scent or scent blocker. I had showered the day before and walked around 3 miles after showering.  :oops: I was just about ripe. Now maybe I was the exception to the rule. I would have shot her  :shock:  but didnt have a doe tag. Sometimes dont you wonder if the deer know you dont have a tag? And then again I've  had deer walk in ,spook before I could get a shot and be gone.
 Now just to be clear this is not my normal hunting procedure, but sometimes you just cant shower on a three day hunt. #-o
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« Reply #2 on: February 26, 2004, 10:46:24 AM »
I have worn a lot of the camo patterns and tried different scent covers. As long as the camo breaks up your outline, reguardless of color or design, it seems to work for me. The best scent blocker I have found is natural skunk, which does wear off shoes after a few hours. Another thing I have witnessed many times, deer and game are many times not alarmed by human odor. Reason must be, they are used to it, in many areas. 'Yotes and other hunting varmints are a lot smarter about human scent, though. Then again, I see many coyotes and an occasional bobcat down wind, and they know I am there, they can see me, but they are cautious, not alarmed. I think it depends on the individual animal, in many cases, not the animals, in general. The rag suit I am going to build is just an ultimate extreme for camo, to close the door on the possibility of missing an opportunity on any game that would be alarmed by a small visual alarm. Even the best hide is defeated by motion, which I think deer and other game look for first.  Slow movement, decent camo, and a good scent blocker will fool even the smartest. Sniper smarts is what I mentally keep in my head.
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