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Author Topic: .17HMR Vs. .22 Mag  (Read 3072 times)

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Re: .17HMR Vs. .22 Mag
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Hey! Not fair, Morax! ;D ;D ;DI am sure I would be hard pressed to whomp any of you at the range. We can shoot big targets at 100 meters, like aspirins, or something. That is, unless you want to go to small targets at that distance. Even with shooting such targets, I KNOW some of you are up to that, and better. BC comes to mind, first and foremost. Knowing BC, he would want to shoot flea whiskers at 100 meters, and I will go ahead and bow out. I heard about a fella and BC squirrel hunting a while back. BC was shooting and the squirrel was jumping and running all over the place. His buddy asked BC what he was doing. BC informed his pal that he was shooting the fleas off the squirrel before he shot it. Don't laugh, I have seen lots and lots of pictures of our BC's head shot squirrels. And as proof about the fleas, you don't see any fleas on the squirrels in the pictures, do you? I rest my case. BC rules! O0

 ;D ;D ;D

I'll let ya know when I can make it up and we'll go from there. O0
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