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Colorado Considers Wildlife Watching Fee
« on: March 26, 2004, 07:23:48 AM »
DENVER, CO--Some Colorado wildlife advocates say people who spend time watching wildlife in state wildlife areas should be required to buy a wildlife viewing pass instead of forcing hunters and fishermen to bear the entire cost of wildlife management.

And several state lawmakers say they'll consider legislation next year that would require everyone using those areas to buy a wildlife habitat stamp.

Other states, including Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico and Wyoming require wildlife habitat or conservation stamps ranging in price from $2 to $10. The money is used for access, protection and enhancement of wildlife habitat on public and private lands.

In related news, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources has set up an interactive wildlife viewing Web site.

The site highlights 121 places in Michigan where people can go to view wildlife and offers detailed explanations of each viewing area, including the types of wildlife that can be seen and the best time to go. It also provides links to lodging and restaurants.

For more information, visit
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