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Author Topic: Hardcore Beliefs?  (Read 1403 times)

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Hardcore Beliefs?
« on: January 28, 2006, 02:57:41 PM »
You always hear the petards talking in the media about how they can't just stand by and let innocent animals suffer because of human "wants".  Supposedly this is a core belief and they are compelled   to push it on others and break the law, if they think it will further their agenda.   I would be curious to know how serious the rank and file petards take this.  Thankfully, I've never known one personally.  However, I recently ran into two people sporting peta stickers.  Ironically enough, the first one was on the bumper of a young girl at a pizza place.  You might think, well nothing odd there, she could be having veggie pizza.  Wrong - she was a delivery driver!!!   ;D   The next one was just this afternoon.  I stopped by MickyD's to get a shickun sammich and the girl behind the counter had a peta2 sticker on her hat!   Not only was it peta, it was the sticker that has the picture of the baby chick and says, "I'm not a nugget"!!!  Do you think this is a typical representation of the younger members they are going after?   The are simple enough to be brainwashed by the petard propaganda, but they don't have enough sense to know when they are contradicting their own supposed beliefs.

Has anyone else had any interaction with these people?  I'm sure there are always the hardcore vegan faithful out there, but I'm just talking about the typical younger members that they seem to be courting with propaganda sites like    ???
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Re: Hardcore Beliefs?
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2006, 06:27:37 AM »
the only vegitarian I know is my kid sister, her husband is not vegitarian but doesnt hunt, but when I recieved a dehydrator/ jerkey maker for christmas I was actually impressed. the only thing I can figure is my brother-inlaw picked it out. the only other good news I have is my step daughter age 18 for the longest time would not eat venison if she knew it was venison (probably because she would see me cutting meat at the kitchen table) but recently said she liked it and doesnt mind it as much anymore because she learned its leaner and better for you than beef. I guess she did learn something from college other than the typical liberal s*it they try brainwashing kids with. if only she could marry a hunter, and not be dating this "thug" thats been hanging around here. progress is slow, but at least its progress.
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Re: Hardcore Beliefs?
« Reply #2 on: January 29, 2006, 03:06:39 PM »
I have a brother in CA that has always been a big hunter and fisherman. He has a stepdaughter he raised that is totally against guns and hunting. She is married to a like her fella, just as dumb. No guns in the house or on their property is their rule. He is a nitwit 2nd Lt., and in the Air Force. Yes, he's in the service, but is anti gun. He will stay a second looie for the rest of his life, for sure. My brother wanted to visit them in SD, but his daughter refused to let him stay there because he would take guns along to hunt with. He suggested they teach their kids when they have them, gun safety, if nothing else. NO GO with his daughter. She works for a lawyer that had a loaded pistol in a drawer in his home. His young teen son was playing with it and killed a young visiting child.  As my brother was telling me of this, he told me that very day the same thing happened in his own CA town.  His daughter is also a veggie, and probably, a PETA lackey, too. I am in belief these people are beyond educating any further than they have been in school. When he visits her in SD he plans on staying at a motel and carrying on his normal lifestyle of hunting. PETA type people are screwed up beyond repair, I think.
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