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Author Topic: Paper squiirrels take it in the eye!  (Read 938 times)

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Paper squiirrels take it in the eye!
« on: February 07, 2006, 08:10:13 PM »
......Seems like every week lately my day off is rained out or the winds are bending down the pines. Today I went out to the firing range in frustration!
.......I needed to check out some Wolf match ammo I recently bought,with several rifles.
............Things went really well,even with the wind kicking up to 20mph in gusts,the wolf stuff printed great! I mean in everything I shot it in,it did as well or better than any ammo had in that gun! One hole 1/2" 5 shot groups with my Kimber Hunter, A bit TIGHTER than that in my Norinco 522 (even with a trigger that isn't up to the Kimber's). I shot it in my old Remington 550-1 semi-auto. The old gun has a scope on it that looks like civil war optics,and renders a light fog over the target,still it shot 3/4"-1" groups. I'm switching from Remington Club Extra which cost me better than 4 bucks a box to the Wolf stuff (28.00 a brick)!  I thought i'd post this for you fellows that might want to give it a try.
.......I got my hog& Varmit,off season rifle sighted in with PMC Predator ammo (.22 Winchester Mag.)too. I hope to clear a few coyotes off our hunting lease this year. The varmits are getting out of hand,cats too.


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