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Author Topic: Serious question  (Read 2332 times)

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Re: Serious question
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the usual circumstance is a divorce where typicly both are good people that just can't live together. obviously im not talking about  a crack addict mother or something.  nor am i saying a father can't be a super parent. but i do work in child welfare and have seen the difference between mother raised and father raised. when parenting skills are equal the mother raised child  has better academic records and is typicly better adjusted socialy . these differences are mostly minor. but there is a real difference .
a child is usually best off with their mother. when they can't be with both. however its good to hear your interested in being part of her life. thats the next best thing to a two parent family. be active in communicating and sharing her life. make sure she always knows its only circumstance that keeps you apart, not lack of love on your part. support emotionaly as well as financialy and everything will work out.
excuse me?  this is a very touchy subject here... i know you said usually but still NOT. now walking away from campfire before i get a little too upset on this subject.   :-\


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