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Texas Hunts
« on: February 28, 2006, 11:33:13 AM »
Figured I would throw this up here and see if anyone has ever had any desire to come to texas!  I can also swap some day hogs hunts out for hunts anywhere else..   

I am a full line hunting guide and outfitter in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas.  We have some great specials for springtime hunts right now and I would love to have some people off of this board come and hunt with me.  All of my prices are low in comparison to the vast majority of outfitters, but we deliver a professional "no corners cut" hunt.

*DANGEROUS GAME Hunts in TEXAS*  $1100

We have a herd of BUFFALIPSO who are very foul tempered that we are trying to shoot out.  This is a cross breed of a African Cape Buffalo, and a Asian Water buffalo.  They are very large (1500lbs) and have much the same temperament of a cape buffalo.  We have dropped the prices on these to get rid of them quickly... we have had enough close calls while stalking other species and bumping into our Buffalipso herd that we want them gone!!!  This is a very exciting fully guided spot and stalk hunt with your choice of gun or bow!!  Not only do the horns of both the males the females make great trophies, but the meat is quite similar to beef, and you get lots of it.  I have pictures available for anyone who is interested..

We have most every kind of Exotic that you can come up with: from Axis and Fallow Deer, to some huge Scimitar Horned Oryx and massive Armenian Mouflon sheep.  As well we have some great deals on ... 

You have a choice between inexpensive day hunts to fully guided trips that include meals and lodging.  We have lots of pigs as well as some truly MONSTROUS HOGS. 

Spring Turkey
We still have spaces available for this SPRING TURKEY Season.  Our primary location is only 20min from downtown Austin and we are overrun with big gobblers.   This property hasn't been hunted for a few years and we are beginning to get overpopulated!! 

I also book hunts into Africa, Chili, Argentina and Mexico. 

I have pictures available for anyone who is interested...   

 Alex Beasley for more info and pictures.
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