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« on: May 06, 2006, 02:30:42 PM »
I know it'd be poisoning to our health to visit the plasphemous PETA sight, but we should do something. When these nutjobs protest, we should be out there counter-protesting them. We should show the world what they're doing behind closed doors, what ALF and ELF, the organizations they support do (by the by, both are huge FBI "domestic terrorit threats" so that's some ammo against PETA), and any other facts we can dig up should be used against them. Fight fiction with fact. Fight lies woth truth. Show them that there are people not afraid of their scare-tactics! If they come to KY, I'll be waiting for them.

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Re: Counter-protests
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2006, 09:55:33 PM »
Most times at every protest there are counter protestors, but counter protestors aren't cool to show on the democratic news..... >:( :D
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Re: Counter-protests
« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2006, 08:01:03 AM »
hawk...I've actually signed up to my local chapter of PETA just to recieve e-mail notification of things they may be protesting...I actually get more e-mail from them then anyone else...not that I have to reply anything, they just keep sending me info...fight fire with fire...I know for fact that the anti's buy hunting licenses and apply for doe permits just so others wont get them...(doe permits that is)...what kills me is not far from here is a state park Green Lakes (NY) that is over populated with deer, they get hit by cars, neighbors complain that they cant keep a garden, and the neighbors are in favor of opening a bow season to slim down the population, but the antis got their say in and all of a sudden it will become a county deterance team to rid of the deer not peoples freezer, I think they may have won this battle...but sooner or latter it will be open to the public to get rid of their nuicance...
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