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Author Topic: how much time do you spend scouting  (Read 556 times)

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how much time do you spend scouting
« on: May 24, 2006, 12:27:59 PM »
hi I'm sticker pt and new to site. am sure this has been posted before?. myself i have to drive 1 1/2 to my office every day (if i want to) but this drive takes me though the woods i hunt the most (citrus fl) so i cut though wma every day and check out the deer/turkey/hog's. and then about every other weekend i go up and hike around the place's i like to hunt and check out what deer made it though the season and pick up shed's so far this year i have found 3 shed's 5pt left side / and 2 4pt one right and one left. i stay out of my buck's bed room that i missed last year. and walk old rub lines/scrape lines to see if i can pick up some clues to where some bigger bucks might be living. i have this one buck that has been making a big signpost rub past 3 season's on a large back-jack oak tree that leads to state food plot so i know this is a pm sighpost the 5pt shed i found back in march, 2006 was in this plot and that shed is almost the same looking as one i found last season about 150 yards away from plot heading to the place i think he beds up (thick cover at top of hill that drop's down 51 feet to old logging rd. you would think i would be all over this bad boy. this is one smart buck all this Lay's right in the middle were every body hunts ( they see the deer early before start of season and all the track's crossing the rd so they sit up all around this plot) and kill some small bucks 1st week of bow season and this buck goes pm on me. i could go on about this deer but why.  so after all my small talk back org - post how much time do you guy's & gal's spend scouting and what do you look for the most. p.s the buck's at citrus start to rub about 2nd week of Aug then it's game on for me.
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Re: how much time do you spend scouting
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2006, 12:51:49 PM »
I hunt in the NC mountains and I used to scout a lot until I found one good place. The deer are funneled into the area by cliffs,  this area is the only flat area for a few miles it has acorn flats and has some higher long ridges that lead into it and has a resident doe population . Also there is a dense laurel thicket edge that has scrapes and rubs every year. I do some scouting in a few places around there to push deer into that area.  I go there only once, before season to add a few logs to my blinds and dont go back till Im ready to hunt. I get a nice deer out of there every year and most of the time its the first time I have ever seen the bucks that I kill.




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