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 just in case any of you good ole" boy's going to be in fl, july 14 & 15 2006 the big buck expo will be going on. last year when i went seen some big bucks hanging on the walls this year a display of 10 monster buck's each scoring over 200in will be one the walls with a ton more just a bit smaller on display. speaker's this year are JON & GINA BRUNSON / LARRY WEISHUHN / LEE & TIFFANY LAKOSKY AND A FEW MORE. last year michell waddell  will there (whipee).  and if you buy your tickets on line you are enter four a 5 day fantasy hunt with central ILLINOIS OUTFITTERS; ( in are wood & water mag that comes out at the end of each month, the guy that won last year is in mag-with his hunt. pic-of him and a monster buck that he killed.) it's a good time . p.s it's always fun to be in a place that  all the guy's & gal's are talking white tail deer hunting. p.s.s  if anybody from gps is going to go let me know and let's meet up and b.s
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