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scouting reports
« on: August 03, 2006, 08:46:07 PM »
 anybody have any scouting report's. today  i found the right & left side's of a good 8pt from last season it's a cool looking rack on the right side (deer facing you) on the outer side below the G2 theres a hole that goes into the beam with the inner side of the beam having a good size knot sticking out O0. he must have hurt his rack at some time ? . maybe i will see him this season i found the shed's at a spot that i want to hunt if the wind is right for that part of the season (muzz-end of NOV/2006) i ahve my spot's for the bow season ready to go (i think i do) i don't plan on going back it my bow spot's till the start of the season. so how about it let's give up some reports. O0
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Re: scouting reports
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2006, 07:19:57 AM »
i was on the crapper this mornin readin my "bathroom book" called "whitetail wisdom" brought to you by NAHC...My point here is I learned something new, they had an experiment with penned deer, they had brought in some pellets(scat) from a wild deer , the doe and her fawns in that pen approached it shortly after to investigate, then moved on with not much reaction...but it was the curiosity that drew them...they tried the same experiment with wild deer...they brought pellets from a foriegn deer and placed them not far from a bedding area, it wasnt long before they noticed a deer approaching to investigate, it did not spook or threaten the wild deer,of scat from a deer not in the heard, it actually attracted, and they recomend using "deer pellets" from a deer outside the immediate heard as a "cover scent/ curiosity scent" I thought that is something to add to yalls bag of tricks, I wouldnt rub it all over myself, but I may collect some just prior to the season and keep it in a bagie...doesnt hurt to try it once or maybe twice....
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