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Ohio Bills Stop Unproven Deer Birth Control Methods
« on: April 27, 2004, 11:24:45 PM »
(Columbus) – Two companion bills introduced today in the Ohio legislature will prohibit the use of unproven birth control drugs to manage deer populations.  They are modeled after a draft bill by the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance as part of its nationwide campaign to stop wildlife birth control projects that use drugs not approved for use by the general public.

            House Bill 462 was introduced Rep. Jimmy Stewart, R-Athens, and the companion Senate Bill was introduced by Sen. Lynn Wachtmann, R-Napoleon.  The Senate bill will be assigned a number next week.  The bills require that drugs used in deer birth control projects be validated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This approval will ensure the health and safety of humans, domestic animals and wildlife.

            “Wildlife birth control drugs that have been experimentally used in recent years in Ohio are not approved for human consumption,” said Rep. Stewart.  “We don’t permit the use of unproven drugs in beef, pork or poultry.  Considering how many people eat venison, it is unthinkable that we would allow potentially unsafe chemicals into our food supply.”

            Sen. Wachtmann echoes the concern for human safety and also the health of the state’s wildlife.

            “These bills were designed to protect human health and wildlife populations,” said Sen. Wachtmann.  “There is no scientific evidence that these drugs are safe for deer or other wildlife that may ingest the chemicals, yet they have been used in situations where a hunt or a deer cull would solve the problems without the health concerns.”

            Despite the lack of evidence to assure the safety of these drugs, animal rights groups promote their use as an alternative to hunting, specifically urban bowhunts.  Public officials are often persuaded by anti-hunters to use the drugs.  The fact is that bowhunting is a safe and effective wildlife management tool near residential areas, including metro parks.  

            “These programs constitute a real threat to outdoor sports and our precious natural resources,” said Bud Pidgeon, president of the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance.  “Animal rightists have focused their energies on promoting birth control projects as a means of subverting hunting as a management tool.”

            Ohio sportsmen should contact their state legislators and ask them to support HB 462 and the companion Senate Bill.  They should ask their own elected officials to support proven wildlife management techniques and not the hidden agenda of the animal rights movement.  To find your legislators and for contact information, call (800) 282-0253 or use the Legislative Action Center at
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