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Author Topic: Hunters Education  (Read 11284 times)

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Re: Hunters Education
« Reply #10 on: November 12, 2007, 11:10:16 AM »
I wish we had those things while I was in school.

MH737, aint that the truth.


good for soon as you pull the trigger on any animal, whether it be a squirrel, or turkey, or whatever and it is there for you to take care of and have become  a total diffrent person, I know because the first time I killed a deer, my d**k hung lower...true story...but anyway, at first site of my deer I was a little intimidated by what I was going to do, but alot of thoughts went through my head, and I could not pass up what opportunity just passed my barrel...I had the bead of my shotgun where I wanted, and had a huge choice(do I really want to kill this beautiful animal?? , and yes deer are the most beautiful mamals on this planet, other than female's) and I said yes opportunity is knocking, and this one doe is not going to matter to the population,
she was an old b**ch and had many a yearling, she is mine...I love the taste of venison, and she was very tasty, the whole gutting thing took a time or two to get the hang of, but everytime I do, I thank the lord for providing me and my family with the meat I will be consuming...year in-year out.... after a kill I ask myself if it was worth it, because I was told if your heart does not race while killing a deer it is time to quit...a meathunter is a meathunter, and unless you can get venison for cheaper than go ahead and buy it...venison is the absolute leanest meat you can come by....and the pride of harvesting/processing your own meat,theres nothing like it...
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Re: Hunters Education
« Reply #11 on: November 14, 2008, 10:11:34 AM »
I used to teach the NRA Hunter Safety Course to junior members when we had a club and range here. The interesting thing was, all the junior members' attention spans were good. Perhaps knowing they couldn't shoot at the range until they completed the course helped. I did appreciate their attention while teaching the course.
It also made it easier to instruct a junior course because they aren't old dogs that are bored because they think they already know everything.  :)
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