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suredraw pro-staff Results from Ohio
« on: November 29, 2006, 11:19:04 PM »
  Left for Ohio November 10th (Just my luck I fell off a ladder the day before we were to leave.)  Damaged my shoulder so badly I couldn't pull back my bow.  It did not stop me from using my fresh shipment of suredraw products!

When we left Pennyslvania the big bucks were still on their scrapes and were not seeking or chasing. We figured we would be right in the middle of prime time for Ohio.  The weather forecast looked promising, no high temps as in the last few years. They called for rain and 40's all week! 

Much to our disappointment the bucks out here were already done chasing and were holed up with the does in thick cover.  In Ohio the buck to doe ratio is 1 to 1 which makes it excellent hunting for 130 to 250 inch deer during the sleep and chase phase.  These monsters cover huge amounts of real estate which make for prime targets in funnels, doe bedding and feeding areas.  Once their paired up and breeding these bucks aren't moving at all.  >:(

This year we decided to change our tactics.  We moved from funnel areas where we only use sure-draw to cover our back trails, and have had success with bucks come from outside our funnel stands. 
Now we concentrated our morning stands just outside doe bedding areas, ran scent lines 20 yards from our trees and ran 100 yards in each direction heading away from the stands.  We then used sessions of intense rattling along with grunting and bleeting to draw in the bucks.  The bucks would come in and try to circle to get down wind, catch the scent lines and come right in.  My first morning on stand I rattled in a 6 pointer at 7:30 am. He came right up the scent trail to the drag at 20 yards and looked for the maker.  Then at 8 am I rattled in a 130 8 point that had a broken G-3 and main beam so I let him go.  At 9 am I tried the same and five minutes later the most beautiful 8 pointer I have ever seen was heading my way, about 24 inches wide, heavy, tall and 15 inch tines that grew up and away at his main beams.  He tried to circle and hit the scent trail. He stopped, lip curled and phlemmed, and came right to me :shock:
Usually he would be a dead deer but I could not get my bow back. On the second attempt I made too much movement trying to draw, and he busted me!  More sleepless nights and what if's!  But found an excellent strategy to bring in the big bucks during the breeding lull, if it were not for the sure-draw we wouldn't have brought in these big bucks the last 40 yards needed for an archery shot.  I also had a buck come in on my back trail and ended up right under my tree at dark. He jumped the fence that I climbed over and was standing in a blow down wandering where the doe was.  I had ended my trail at the blow down and set my scent trails up leading along the bottom edge of a food plot. In the pouring rain and at last light I never saw him jump the fence.  I saw him earlier that evening heading down the hill.  He was a solid 10 point that would score 190 inches easy.  I plan on returning in January for the winter bow season and try to fool him again.  :twisted:

Give this tactic a try in your area, as long as you have big bucks and a good buck to doe ratio. 
Coming soon, reports on the Pennsylvania and New Jersey hunts. O0

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Re: suredraw pro-staff Results from Ohio
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2006, 01:46:02 AM »
ran scent lines 20 yards from our trees and ran 100 yards in each direction heading away from the stands.

catch the scent lines and come right in.

I think I tried this but to no positive results earlier this year.  Please tell me how you ran the scent line if you will?  For I have had luck getting a buck to develop more rubs and scrapes, but never to follow a "scent line" in to me.  Maybe I am doing the scent line wrong, not sure.

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Re: suredraw pro-staff Results from Ohio
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2006, 06:38:42 PM »
      Dear Rik,

  John asked if I could help you,I looked at your set up and posted a response as to how I would hunt your location. When it comes to luring in big bucks,it depends on what phase of the rut,weather,hunting pressure and how much exposure to a particular scent. For instance,if you used the scent correctly and had them come in and miss or you used it incorrecly and had them wind you or used it at the wrong time.When this happens you educate the deer on these tactics!the same goes for rattling,calling,and decoying.The biologists have come to the conclusion that deer cannot reason but I can tell you for sure they can remember!!!Take a look at the reply I left for you at the end of yours and johns thread. If you want some advice on when and how to apply scent at a particular phase of the rut just ask away and I will help the best I can O0

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