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« on: January 19, 2007, 01:55:47 AM »
with spring a mere 3 months away..or so.....that means the bugs are coming back! and we know how important it is to keep the dogs healthy.the following are my methods of keeping the dogs healthy and bug free!

i start with the ground around my house.i use sevin

this is from a very satisfied customer
Ashes to Ashes… Dust to Dust…

Since my first contact with Sevin™ Dust in 1984, I live a virtually flea free existence. These days I complement the use of the insecticide with Riddex® electronic pest control modules but Sevin™ Dust is my first line of defense should my home or garden become a haven for bugs.

Formulations and Use

Carbaryl (1-napthyl N-methylcarbamate) is the active ingredient. The chemical’s trade name is Sevin. Registered in 1958 (Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) Number: 63-25-2) this carbamate is widely used in farming, animal care and around the home.

Primary producers of Sevin™ products, Union Carbide Inc. (U.S.) and Makteshim Chemical Works (foreign), offer the pesticide in various formulations. Baits, dusts, granules, liquids and soluble (wettable) powders combine Carbaryl with synthetic clays, talc and various solvents for ground, aerial and aqueous dispersions. Application rates: range from 0.53 lbs. a.i./A to 6.4 lbs. a.i./A.

Union Carbide, manufacturer of the Sevin-10® Dust we use, offers the following list of application sites:

· Citrus, pomes, stone and berry fruits
· Forage, field and vegetable crops
· Nuts, lawns, forests, ornamental plants
· Rangeland, shade trees
· Poultry and pets, indoor use

Inside, Outside, All Around the Town

Our family uses Sevin-10™ Dust on our lawn, gardens and in our home. For application indoors, we dust our carpets; allow the insecticide to work for several hours and vacuum up the dust. Pet beds and their favorite spots receive an extra dose of the product. We immediately change the vacuum cleaner bag after treatment. Repeat the treatment again in thirty days; afterwards, subsequent administration every six months should suffice.

We accomplish outside distribution in garden beds, container plantings and along walkways in the same manner as indoor application. Sprinkling a liberal amount along these areas keeps our yard free of pests.

A spreader makes lawn treatment a quick task. The manufacturer suggests treating grass and garden areas every six weeks. Treating our house and yard requires only one fifteen-pound bag of Sevin™ Dust each year.

Depending upon the point of purchase, the product usually comes packaged in five, eight, ten, fifteen, thirty or fifty pound bags. Grocery and discount stores often stock the smaller two or three pound perforated cans which make sprinkling carpets and small garden areas a breeze.

Although the manufacturer claims treating animals with Sevin™ Dust is safe; unless the circumstances necessitate immediate attention, I would try to avoid dusting my pets with this product. Casual exposure appears to have no long-term side effects.

Survey Says…

Characterized as a weak mutagen, the agencies providing research data determined that Carbaryl does not pose a mutagenic risk. Supplemental studies performed by government and independent agencies collectively provide sufficient evidence that Carbaryl is not cancer producing (oncogenic) in experimental animals. Humans and other animals rapidly excrete Carbaryl in their urine should exposure be the issue.

I strongly suggest use of goggles (protective eye wear), a filter (covering the mouth and nose) and gloves when applying this or any other pesticide. Poisoning impairs the central nervous system function of the intended target; it may take decades of research to find out if Carbaryl is truly as benign to humans and pets as the agencies and manufacturers claim.

My Final Answer, Regis?

Of all available pest control options on the market, Sevin™ products combine effective treatment and relative safety. Instead of perfume laden or noxious chemical odors, Sevin’s odorless properties are welcome in my home. The white crystalline pesticide has yet to stain expensive fabrics and removes easily from solid surfaces with a wet sponge. This contact insecticide may cause irreversible damage to seventy varieties in the insect world; it has yet to cause any respiratory or dermal irritation to any members of my family.

Research aside, eighteen years of positive experience is proof enough for me. If bug infestation turns my happy home into a boot camp for critters, you can bet I will reach for Sevin-10™

now, that takes care of the ground. next up the doghouse!
as we all know the dogs don`t need to keep warm so i use a light layer of ceder and pine chips.the chips have been long said to have some help with replelling flea`s and make a nice cushion mixed with seven-5. sevin-10 is to strong for a dog to come in direct contact with but 5 won`t harm them.

i know people say to change bedding daily but that is just ludacris to me.if it rains,i change daily but if not i go about a week or so. any wet bedding will make it eaiser for mold and bacteria to lay rest.that will make for respitory issues and we need the dogs lungs to work at 100%.i also spray the house and anything not metal or ground with a bleach/water solution...if you suspect mold in the wood you can look into mold killing stuff if the wood is not too far gone.remember..prevention is the key!

now onto the dogs. i have used frontline and advantage for fleas and they work GREAT but they are a bit pricey if you have more than one dog. i was told about a product called bio-spot

it`s much cheaper than anything else.i havn`t got to use it yet but it comes HIGHLY reccomended so i will try it and see and let you know what i think.i have also used heartgaurd and interceptor, and again they work great but are pricey. i was turned on to ivomec for heartworm

follow this link for all the info you need about ivomec and dogs

it`s so much more cost effective! i buy the 50ml size bottle. now 1ml or 1 cc treats 110lbs. techno gurlie is 58.5lbs conditioned and about 61lbs fat. the 50ml bottle cost me about 45$ i can slightly overdose techno,which will cause no harm, and still get over 70 uses out of the bottle,give or take.

lets say i get 60 months use out of one bottle for her...boys!, thats .75 cents a month to keep her heartworm that at a vet or with the name brand stuff!! both pitbulls i can hit them with a 1/2 ml or 1/2cc conditioned or fat and they are getting slightly overdosed.that puts one pitbull at 100 months use. thats .45 cents a CAN`T do that at a vet or mail order supply.
washing comes as needed.i found a great time to wash a dog is during a rain storm LOL!! it works wonders for all out hellions when it comes time to washing.

keeping the property clean helps tremendously as well. i clean poo in two diff ways. outside dogs on a kennel or chainspace get picked up after twice a day regaurdless of how many dogs are kept.i keep one outside so it`s very easy to keep her spot clean.i have a kennel set up in the basment for my male pitbull t and techno stays in the house with myself.they both use the same area to "go" but they don`t have to live in it so i clean two-three times a week in the area they use.twice a month i spray the ground with a bleach/water mix to kill any fungus or bacteria growing on the ground from poo and to help wash away the acidic urine. keeping the water bowls clean helps keeping mosquitos away as well. the quest for a proper water bowl was long.i wanted something rather big and sturdy.something the dog couldn`t knock over or tear up and kept clean.a friend showed me his bowls.he made them out of bag concrete.they looke dpretty ugly but man they did the job. well i was at lowes one day walking through the garden section for sevin and what do i see?

for only 20$
 i buried it about a 9 inches and it looks a heck of alot better than my bud`s.

following this maintenance regime you will be the envy of your community for having the best damn dogs in the county! O0

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Re: dogmen
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2007, 09:05:40 AM »
Wow!, all those complicated steps just to clean up doggie doo. I let mine go in the neighbor's yard. No mess no worries, and best of all, no cleanup. ;D
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Re: dogmen
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2007, 11:07:36 PM »
Dang tech... What a post. O0 I don't have a dog... YET, but when I get one, I'm sure I'll refer to this when necessary.
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Re: dogmen
« Reply #3 on: March 26, 2007, 01:57:38 PM »
just an update.

i used the bio-spot on all 3 dogs once so far. i started noticing scratching here and there, which is a might normal for dogs with dry skin, but with the weather getting better and a bit more humidty i know it wasn`t that. since using the bio-spot i havn`t seen one dog scratch.i will be using it from now on. O0 O0

 i got half of the yard done sat with sevin-10. it started killing worms instantly. i can say the mid-west had a rather mild winter. the bugs are going to be in higher numbers this yea,i think! it would be a good idea to go ahead and start attacking the little things now! O0


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