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Author Topic: talkin turkey  (Read 3083 times)

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Re: talkin turkey
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Jezz, why didn't you say so????

Draw when he moves behind something. I use a recurve and have zapped one or two so it can be done.

I also use....Get ready for the howls of protest!!


No they're not required but I've seen a few and heard many times....

(from HONEST bowhunters) how the smaller field points and smaller broadheads for that matter only cause the bird to fly or run off to die and it's very hard to track a wounded turkey in thick woods or swamps.

If you think trailing a wounded deer is tough, try a *&^%n' turkey!!

It's one thing to BS about the conquest of women and such, but to my way of thinking the wild turkey is the most difficult and therfore the most desirable animal to hunt with a bow. So let me get serious here.

We owe it to ourselves and the bird to do what's right.

DO NOT get bogged down with too much gear when bowhunting the bird either. You MIGHT still get a shot with a gun if you accidently cause some of your gear to clank together when a turkey shows.

You WON'T when bowhunting. Put your gear near but away from you so as to guarantee clear shooting lanes. Keep your bow tuned and for Gods' sake put spiders or whiskers on the bow and practice with them on the bow.

Practice your draw from a seated and knelling position. You can get one of them turkey chairs but to me it's just more crap I don't need. You WON'T get a shot standing up unless you're lucky or the bird is blind!

Our season starts in March and I'll probably leave the bow home this year.

Any turkey with a bow. Is a good one! O0

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Re: talkin turkey
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now, that was helpful. ever seen gobbler guillotine broadheads? they are a 5 inch razor ring of wire, mounted on an x. they are used for head shots. anyone use them?

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Re: talkin turkey
« Reply #12 on: February 20, 2007, 11:21:40 AM »
I have a real turkey combo, my patrol truck. The dang critters are so numerous and dumb where I work that they throw themselves in front of our vehicles before we can stop. Our installation has very light hunting pressure, too little hunting pressure to keep the numbers in control.
Our CO has allowed the Iowa DNR to enter the installation and trap many birds to trade for other game from other states. You can drive on our roads some days and see hundreds of turkeys in the nearby fields. We have the same problem with the deer there, too.
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Re: talkin turkey
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