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Author Topic: CBS and channel 27 take another cheap shot at hunters!  (Read 858 times)

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CBS and channel 27 take another cheap shot at hunters!
« on: June 23, 2004, 01:25:28 PM »
In the 1970s Dan Rather hosted a series called "The guns of autumn."
It was basically a smear campaign against the American sportsman.It depicted all hunters as slobs and poachers who drank beer while they hunted and shot animals released from pens.
Since then the news media has taken shots at hunting, gun ownership, and habitat work (Controlled burns and responsible timber harvest).
Last year I was part of a burn program by The Nature Conservancy.Our local CBS affiliate interviewed a participant.When it aired at 11,they had butchered her interview into a 20 second soundbite.They followed the segment by showing a devastating forest fire! That put a negative image of what we were doing in the ignorant majority of viewers.
At noon today they had a movie review segment.The movie was "The Tiger" Made by the same French pansy that made"The Bear".Once again the tigers are basically human and villains were hunters!
Personally I'm way past fed up with the media depicting hunters as cruel butchers! Does the 27 bunch not realize how many of their viewers are hunters?!
Mark,I'm going to send them an eloquent yet assertive email and I encourage you to do the same.Anybody else here from KY please do the same as well. :evil:
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