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Author Topic: Intruder in the neighborhood today .............  (Read 2083 times)

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Re: Intruder in the neighborhood today .............
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Eric , while mine has made a good squirrel dog , she is a Jack Russell Terrier ( earth dog by nature) .  Fiest, Mt Curs , Rat terriers are the more traditional dogs used for squirrels . For recomendations on where to get one , I'd tell you to talk to the local squirrel hunters that use dogs , they'll know where to find a pup . If you can hook up with someone local , you can probably get to hunt with the sire or bitch before ya spend your money . I would say to get a pup and train it to suit yourself , if you go with a finished dog ,there's a chance that there might be some little something you don't like . For me it is a lot easier to train for what I want than to try and break a trait that the dog already has .  O0 
If ya can't run with the BIG dawgs........ just stay on the porch !  O0


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