Author Topic: Grant Provides Computers For Arkansas Hunter Education Cours  (Read 744 times)

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Grant Provides Computers For Arkansas Hunter Education Course

LITTLE ROCK, ARA recent grant from the Pittman-Robertson Fund has allowed the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) to spend almost $9,000 on eight computers dedicated to running the state's Hunter Education CD-ROM at four regional locations across the state.

The AGFC's Joe Huggins says providing the public with alternative ways to take the state's Hunter Education course is the purpose behind the new computers.

"We still offer instructor-led courses, but depending upon a person's time and schedule, they may not be able to make it to one of the courses," Huggins said. "We're trying to meet the public's needs."

For more information, or to request an AGFC Hunter Education CD-ROM, e-mail Huggins at or call (800) 482-5795.
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