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Author Topic: Vanilla Skoal  (Read 6847 times)

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Re: Vanilla Skoal
« Reply #60 on: August 21, 2007, 09:45:03 AM »
onestone can come live with me. humboldt needs a new Kaw-liga, cuz our wooden indian got run into my the snowplow last year. i dont have carpet in my basement, and i already have a sump pump, so for the most part, it will be ok. on weekends, ill put him in a cage and make people pay to see him, telling about how i captured Red Cloud, and we could split the profits.
Heck, yeah! 50/50 split? You could slip me some whiskey for when ya got a big payin' crowd and I could really get wild in the cage.  Old Stumpblower will do, it's cheap but it swills just fine. It's just like what the traders traded injuns years ago, has a tad of black powder mixed in for color. O0 Plott, that's every 2 hours, if I haven't been in the firewater.  :wink:
Would plott get to take his poodles along? PBH says he won't go anywhere nowdays without his poodles along. I tell ya what would be funny. Instead of handing him one of those Shirley Temples, have some gool ol' Stumpblower in the glass. You wanna see WILD! Plott got into some and the last time he treed 11 coon without the dogs and whipped the big German Shepard down the road in an even dog fight. I'm thinkin' it would be interesting to slip him some Stumpblower and see if he can tree bears. Shucks, I bet the rascal catches them on the ground and whups the daylights out of them. 
Ol' plott sipped some when he was here and cleared out 3 biker bars all by himself, without a scratch. When he's swilling the Stumpblower, don't make fun of his poodles.
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