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Author Topic: Outdoor Life Names USSA Chairman Among Top Outdoor Leaders  (Read 1286 times)

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Outdoor Life Names USSA Chairman Among Top Outdoor Leaders
« on: December 09, 2007, 06:32:22 PM »
U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance proudly announces that Chairman Richard Cabela was recently honored by Outdoor Life magazine as one of the most influential people in the conservation movement.

Richard Cabela and his brother Jim are identified by Outdoor Life as “retail brothers with your rights in mind.” The pair, along with Richard’s wife Mary, founded Cabela’s, Inc., which has grown to be one of the most successful sporting goods stores in the world. The Cabelas are widely recognized in direct marketing and other business circles, but their commitment to conservation goes much deeper.

The Cabelas are dedicated champions of the sportsmen’s rights movement. For the past six years, Richard has chaired the USSA and USSAF Boards of Directors and Trustees. He is also the founder and original chairman of the USSA’s Outdoor Business Council, which provides direct avenues for business leaders to play a significant role in the protection of the outdoor legacy.

It’s not just the men in the family who uphold the hunting traditions. Mary Cabela has chaired the USSA Trailblazer Commission since 2003. With her support, the Trailblazer Adventure Program, which was designed to raise awareness and participation in outdoor sports, has opened the door to the out-of-doors for more than 500,000 young people and families, nationwide.

Richard and Mary Cabela live and breathe the outdoor lifestyle. One of their most significant commitments to conservation came this year when the couple announced a plan to set up a $1 million bequest for the USSA. The pledge will allow the USSA to continue the fight to protect hunting.

“Sportsmen owe the Cabelas a debt of gratitude for all they have done to promote and protect America’s outdoor traditions,” said USSA President Bud Pidgeon. “Their leadership and support has been priceless in the battle to preserve the outdoor traditions.”

Also named as one of the top conservationists was National Wild Turkey Federation Senior Vice President Dr. James Earl Kennamer. He has played a key role in forging partnerships between hunters and wildlife agencies, corporations and conservation groups that have helped restore wild turkey populations.

Courtesy of US Sportsmans Alliance www.ussportsmen.org

For more information about how you can protect your rights as a sportsman, contact The U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance, 801 Kingsmill Parkway, Columbus, OH 43229. Phone (614) 888-4868. E-Mail us at info@USSPORTSMEN.org
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