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Bye Bye Mr. Frank David Garcia
« on: January 19, 2008, 09:41:29 PM »
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Bye Bye Mr. Frank David Garcia
Comfort Couple Agree To Give Up 202 Of Their Cats
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Activists Work to Provide 'paradise' For Stray Animals
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Bye Bye Mr. Frank David Garcia

GFN is sorry to see an adversary such as your-self bite the dust. You put up a good fight, however, you can't win an opponent who is as game as GFN. Adios, Bon voyage, sayonara, asta-la-vista baby, and good riddance.

In our August 3, 2005 issue GFN reported the following.,.,. GFN has reports that Mr. Frank David Garcia has resigned from the SPCA. We will update as the facts come in.

Well, GFN confirmed this fact that you have resigned, in disgrace. You were asked by the Texas SPCA Board of Directors for your resignation.

However, Mr. James Bias, the President of the Texas SPCA, claims you applied for retirement. Either way, you no longer work for the SPCA, and NEVER will again.

GFN is also going to investigate your "retirement plan" paid for by tax exempt donations to the SPCA.

To view one news video CLICK HERE

The news about you, Mr. Frank David Garcia, made the AP wires, thanks to GFN, and XYZ, our undercover operative.

Comfort Couple Agree To Give Up 202 Of Their Cats

Web Posted: 08/06/2005 12:00 AM CDT by Zeke MacCormack Express-News Staff Writer

BOERNE A Comfort area couple agreed Friday to close their pet retirement home and forfeit 202 seized cats to avoid possible prosecution on animal cruelty charges.

The case, closed unless problems resurface at the defunct Wild Cat Ranch Pet Retirement Center, drew attention from across the country from critics of the role played by animal welfare groups in investigating animal abuse complaints.

What generated widespread scrutiny of the case was the on-the-scene involvement of Dave Garcia, the controversial vice president of operations of the Texas Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Concerns about Garcia figure prominently in the on-line journal GameFowl News, published in San Diego by Fred Crane.

"He's a convicted rapist kidnapper working under the guise of director of law enforcement at the SPCA in Texas," said Crane, using Garcia's former title. "I think it's preposterous that they even hired him."

He calls SPCA and other animal rights groups "domestic terrorists" who abridge rights of private property owners and abuse the privileges afforded nonprofit groups under the law.

Garcia could not be reached for comment. SPCA officials deny the accusations, saying they come from backers of puppy mills and cockfighting.

Read the full story here

GFN "undercover" Ops

GFN welcomes DEF, Department of Eliminating Fraud, an undercover operative, imbedded within the ARA's. We also welcome HIJ, Humane Investigator for Justice.

The ARA's are running scared knowing we have XYZ, DEF, and HIJ working to expose the truth about the ARA's KILLING MACHINE. GFN is hot on your ignorant self righteous act and will continue to expose the truth, as we see fit to print. Take notice, ARA's.

Activists Work to Provide 'paradise' For Stray Animals

Its mission statement - "What we want to do is find a permanent paradise for these animals" - summarizes BETA's main goals, which are to rescue and provide shelter for stray animals, as well as to raise awareness of animal rights.

BETA has also engaged in a campaign to control Lebanon's ever-growing cat and dog population, spaying and neutering hundreds of animals since the organization was created just over a year ago.


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