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The barrel house.
« on: February 03, 2008, 01:59:51 PM »
As Plott mentioned in another thread for about $5-$10 you can make a pretty good doghouse.

I worked for a steel plant and they used soap that came in barrels.I was able to have as many I wanted.They were real easy to get clean.Most car wahses also use the same type of soap..if it`s different it still comes in barrels.

The barrel in the photo was purchased for $10 at a steel plant 4 blocks from my house.I could have gotten one cheaper or free but I just happend to drive by and they had a few out selling them.I opted for convienance rather thriftyness.

In the county I live in barrels are not allowed by Animal Control.I used the barrel set up for an inside doghouse.

After cutting out a hole in the barrel...Note my hole isn`t too straight.It`s best if your jig saw blade is actually sharp  ;D I attached the barrel to a frame.I made the frame from 2x4`s and a sheet of O.S.B.
I used O.S.B here because I have a ton of it and it`s not a problem to change it when it goes bad.

I left no screw heads poing through the barrel.I then,which isn`t shown in the photo,attached a 2x4 about 18 inches long at the base of the opening.In this case the hole is up high enough the bedding will stay in.I used the 2x4 for supprt on the wall of the base and for a place for the dog to rest on.The thinner plastic wall will evevntually cause cuts and abrasions on the dog.

Here is a set up I used.This is the barrel set up with an outer box for winter.This photo was taken in the summer and I had the front off and bedding removed.

I didn`t use this as a full time house,though plans were for that eventually.This house was used to get out of the rain and sun in the afternoons.Scharnz was just a pup at the time and liked alot of time outside.

Notice in this one I had the water bowl inside of the box.I also used a simple cinder block to keep the barrel postitiond and 2 bolts in the rear attaching it the the box.In these last pics I had the tailgate from my old dodge dakota on top for a little shade.It was an eye sore but it blocked out the sun and down rain from going into the house.I hadn`t put in a 2x4 on the wall of the base on this one.Schranz didn`t hang out in the doghouse so he needed no comfy head laying spot.

Once winter came I would have screwed a front on the box with a hole cut out for the dog and I would have filled the remaining dead space between the barrel and house with straw.

Take note of where the chain leads out to.I purposely put the house at the farthest possible end of the chain I could only leaving the dog enough room to get inside the house but never behind it.This will allow more of the chain space to be free for the dog and the chain won`t get hung up on the house.

I was also lucky and had a tree where it was.In the summer it helps keep over and around the doghouse cool.

Here is a shot of what the yard would look liek from afar.

R.I.P little buddy!!


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