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Firsts spring hunt was awesome
« on: May 11, 2008, 01:15:04 PM »
edit::: Popped a squirrel, first time hunting in spring. Upon climbing the other side of the creek to retrieve the fox squirrel, found lots of morrell mushrooms growing in the dirt of the forest floor. Not a bad thing for a first time hitting the thicket in the spring. Most of the morrell's I've gathered before were from a public park on the Missouri side, in Weston. Not hunting game. Never been game hunting outside of fall/winter season before this. Newfound interest. BTW the squirrel was good fried with the crushed morrells. Didn't crush them on purpose, but fell on them by accident trying to scale the creek again. Saved the gun from hitting the water by sacrificing some shrooms.

*** some of the shrooms found would break apart upon touching, these are not suitable. The stem nor cap should break apart by mear touching btw. Don't eat the ones which posses this trait.  Make sure you soak them thuroughly in saltwater (straight tapwater might work, dunno) as to kill or evict any insects that love to live in the shrooms (will include: Spiders, ants mostly, maybe some mites). Gawd Awlmighty the shrooms taste good, but bugs don't. After soaking for a day, I'll drain & lightly rinse them, let them soak for another couple hours at least... Thats just me though. There are many imitation morrells btw, some of which you don't want to touch at all. Gyrometra Escluenta(sp?) is a bad imitation shroom of the morel.
For more info here's a wikipedia link on the shrooms

Who the heck said they taste like fish? What kind of fish/shrooms are you eating? They taste earthy if you ask me, and in a tastey way. Not the kind of taste you would associate with something organic and nutritious, but then again I always fry them. Morels are aweseome when fried and put on some steaks, or in my case, coupled with some fried squirrel kinda like a burger and fries ;)
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