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Author Topic: A little blue...  (Read 1315 times)

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A little blue...
« on: June 16, 2008, 09:35:18 PM »
I was telling Hoskins a story I uh...read somewhere on the internet and he figured I ought to post it here.

2 young fellas take out their young hounds for a little training and some Sat night fun.2 traps were set and 2 coons were caught and the fun was to start.

The first little hound was named..we'll call him Spike.Spike was about 10 months old and had been out a few times and made great progress on his astute education he was being given by his young handler.

The first coon was carried out about 50 yards in the trap...all unseen by Spike.Then the trap was drug about 300 yards and released.The 2nd young fella watched as the coon treed and gave the signal.

Spike was released and instantly hit the scent was was off in the darkness.Not long after he was released he was on the tree with fury! By the time his young handler arrived with omnipitant glee the coon had climbed high into a tree with just enough foilage left to never be seen again.

The young handler was not bothered as his young hound had done what needed to be done in relativly short order.

The 2nd coon was done in the same fashion,except for one slight alteration...the 2nd young handler got ancy and came in before the 1st young handler could get the coon out of the trap.The handler yelled out he wasn't ready only for the coon to make his get away sight unseen.The second hound,Train,was much older at 2 years and should have been able to find that coon without the 2 young fellas knowing which tree the coon was in.

About 15 minutes ater Train had struck and was on the track hot and heavy.% minutes went by and Train was standing paws to the wall with a coon high in the tree!The 2 handlers fooled around,1 having the light and sight of the coon the other...having the rifle but no sight of the coon.Thi went on a few minutes and fially the coon is spotted by light and rifle.

2 shots ring out and 1 young fella feels drops but knows the sky is clear as the lightning in his grandpas jar.He quickly realizes it was blood and both fellas take a few steps back and ponder how the blood made it.As both knew for sure that coon was about 20 yards up and out.About that time ol'Mr. ringtail decides to take the express route out of the tree and lands 2 feet from Trains handler.

In an uproar and ruckus to beat the band...Train was relseased and the allready dead coon was mauled to death.Both hunters and hounds were excited and thrilled with the nights happenings.They spent the better part of the rest of the night in shock that the coon bled so much on them and fell out so close.

The 2 had many hunts that ended in joy and many that ended in dissapointment.

This was one they would never forget!!!

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Re: A little blue...
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2008, 08:33:56 AM »
Coon about landed on someone, huh?  ;D Nice work, Tech!  O0
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