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PayPal for the store!
« on: June 18, 2008, 07:44:37 PM »
We've had some folks ask about using PayPal for the Gut Pile Style store.  Unfortunately our supplier (CafePress) doesn't accept this service.  Never fear!!!  PayPal has come up with the solution for Cafepress and any other site that hasn't caught on to the fact that many people feel more secure using them!   8)

If you have a PayPal account, all you have to do is download this plug in and you can use your account anywhere you want to shop.  SAFE & SECURE.  Here's the scoop from PP: 

What is the PayPal Plug-In?
A plug-in is a small module that runs in the toolbar of an Internet browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox (a version for Safari is in the works).
The free PayPal Plug-In runs from your browser toolbar to securely pay for purchases on any website with a temporary MasterCard credit card number. Online merchants treat your transaction just like any credit card transaction while the amount you spend is actually deducted from your PayPal account balance, or from your bank or credit card account, depending on how you set up PayPal.

What Do I Need to Use the PayPal Plug-In?
1.   A PayPal Account. If you do not have one, set up a secure PayPal account before downloading the plug in.
2.   Internet Explorer or Firefox, an Internet connection and the minimal system resources listed lower on this page are required to use the PayPal Plug-In.
3.   Download the PayPal Plug-In and follow the simple directions to install it.

Is Using Temporary Credit Card Numbers with PayPal Time Consuming?
Some credit card providers offer a way to generate temporary credit cards numbers for online shopping, but they require you to interrupt completing your online purchase by loging on at their web site. To generate a temporary credit card number with PayPal Plug-In, just click the 'P' on your browser toolbar and select Generate Secure Card. If you frequently shop at a web site, you can have the PayPal Plug-In generate a multi-use temporary MasterCard number for that site to make subsequent purchases faster.
Time-Saving Address AutoFill
Use the PayPal Plug-In to save even more time with the AutoFill feature, which enters your billing and shipping information into online forms automatically when you are completing a purchase. If you do not want to use AutoFill, you can turn this option off. And, you can synchronize your electronic address book with the PayPal Plug-In to use AutoFill to send purchases to destinations other than your regular shipping address.

PayPal Plug-In Security Features
Personal information held in PayPal accounts is highly secure, and the PayPal Plug-In adds another layer of security by warning you if you are about to make a purchase from a fraudulent site. Fraudulent web sites fake the appearance of other web sites for the purpose of obtaining personal information to engage in identity theft. Using the PayPal Plug-In gives you a real-time additional layer of security
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