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Author Topic: The Real Conservation Contributors are the Sportsmen!  (Read 1008 times)

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The Real Conservation Contributors are the Sportsmen!
« on: July 31, 2008, 11:43:29 AM »
Check out these fun facts!  (PETA doesn't have anything on the hunters now)

-Sportsmen contribute $4.7 million everyday, adding up to $1.7 billion every year for conservation.

-Hunters and shooters have paid $3.95 billion in excise taxes since 1939

-Hunting in America is big business, generating more than one million jobs in the United States.

-For more than 80 years, sportsmen have paid more than $7.6 billion for on-the-ground projects in every state, protecting our natural environment and our fish and wildlife.

-The $2.4 billion in annual federal income-tax money generated by hunters' spending could cover the annual paychecks of 100,000 U.S. Army Troops.

Wait there's more!  Check out the yearly income bracket.

- LICENSE REVENUES 42.9% (Over $1.1 billion from state hunting and fishing license sales)  License revenues provide nearly half the income, on average, for state fish and wildlife agencies.  The money supports wildlife management and restoration programs, habitat improvement, and general conservation efforts.

- EXCISE TAXES 21.2% ($559.3 million from taxes paid SOLEY by sportsmen)  Excise taxes on sporting equipment (such as firearms, ammunition and fishing tackle) provide over one-fifth the income for state fish and wildlife agencies.  The funds are used to acquire, maintain and improve wildlife habitat and to make the nation's lands and waters more accessible and enjoyable to all its citizens.

- OTHER INCOME SOURCES 21.4% ($564.1 million from other revenue)  Other income sources include special taxes and receipts from the sale of "Duck Stamps" (required for all waterfowl hunters), income tax check-offs and interest collected on license fees.  Duck stamp proceeds are used by the government to buy or lease wetland habitat for ducks, geese, and hundreds of non-game birds and animals.

- STATE'S BUDGET 12.5% ($328.4 million from state funds) This money comes from the states' overall budgets, supported by taxes paid by everyone (including sportsmen).

- INTEREST INCOME 1.9% ($50.9 million from interest income) Interest income is from investment earnings on wildlife funds deposited in state treasuries.

SUMMARY: Hunters and anglers provide more than 75% of the annual income of the 50 state conservation agencies.  Sportsmen are CLEARLY the LARGEST CONTRIBUTORS to conservation, paying for programs that benefit all Americans and all wildlife.

Hows that PETA?!  When you contribute more than the sportsmen, THAN YOU CAN TALK!
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