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Author Topic: This means war...  (Read 2166 times)

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This means war...
« on: August 09, 2008, 01:06:18 AM »
At 8:45 on the morning of September 11, 2001, I was in a hotel room at Newark airport. I was getting ready to go to a meeting, scheduled to start at 10:30. I had the TV news on while getting dressed when the newscasters suddenly announced that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. I looked out the window and saw the black smoke coming from one of the towers. My only thought was concern for a friend who worked at the World Trade Center. After assuring that she was okay, I walked down to the meeting, which was delayed because everyone was crowded around a television set, watching the news. None of us thought it was anything worse than a terrible accident. At 9:03, however, we saw the second plane first approach and then burst into flame as it entered the second tower. I turned to the woman standing next to me and said, ďWeíre at war.Ē

Iím not writing this monthís column to convince you that we should be at war in Iraq or Afghanistan, but rather to talk about a war on our own shores, a war where the casualties are piling up. Iím talking about the war between dog owners and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

Weíve been at war for a long time. Like Al Quaeda, the leaders of the HSUS patiently prepared for war. Long before we even suspected their intentions, the current leaders of HSUS were honing their fund raising skills and their talent for manipulating the media. Again, like Al Quaeda, HSUS didnít start with a big, all-out attack. Al Quaeda attacked some embassies and the USS Cole before 9/11. HSUS skirmished with animal owners in hundreds of local battles. At first, HSUS sought easy targets. Fur farmers, for example, were a common choice. There werenít many of them, and fur coats were associated with pampered, rich women. Most of us were not affected by the attacks on the fur industry. Circuses, hunters, farmers, and restaurant owners were other common targets, and for a long time, the good guys won about half the time. If we had paid attention, we would have had a preview of the battle to come, but we didnít.

Itís not like we werenít warned, but we didnít listen. Patti and Rod Strand wrote a book in 1993 entitled The Hijacking of the Humane Movement: Animal Extremism. Most of us didnít read it until years later. Sportsmen were the first group of dog owners to recognize the threat. They wisely organized to resist the threat to their rights to hunt and fish, but they ignored the wider threat to all animal ownership. Dog owners who didnít hunt paid no attention at all to the steady erosion of hunterís rights. We were all so busy minding our own business that we didnít even see that HSUS was planning a 9/11 for us - for all of us.

Last year, HSUS rolled out their equivalent of planes crashing into towers - itís called ďMandatory Spay/Neuter LawĒ, or MSN for short. The typical MSN law requires all dogs and cats to be spayed or neutered by age four months unless the animalís owner obtains an expensive breeding permit, allowing a single litter a year. Last yearís California Assembly Bill 1364 sent shockwaves through the country. The scales fell from the eyes of dog owners who suddenly knew that we were at war - at war with a well-funded, politically sophisticated enemy, who has been devising their strategy for decades.

Like Americans after 9/11, we were quick to fight back. We rallied our forces, raised money, wrote letters, attended meetings and forced AB 1634ís sponsor, Assemblyman Lloyd Levine, to withdraw his bill. We patted ourselves on the back and congratulated each other on winning the big one. But it wasnít the big one; it was the first big one. Not long after Levine withdrew his bill, Los Angeles passed an MSN ordinance for all of LA County. Within the first two months of 2008, MSN bills were being considered in New Jersey, Virginia and Arizona. Just weeks after UKC hosted the Canine Registry conference in North Las Vegas, Nevada, that community passed an MSN ordinance.

All across America, HSUS sleeper cells are waking up and invading the homes of American citizens. Disguised as city attorneys, animal control officers, or as representatives of so-called ďhumaneĒ organizations, these animal rights ďtrue believersĒ are in positions where they can push for MSN ordinances and dog limit laws. Many of the new animal control ordinances are patently unconstitutional, but they are enforced because dog owners donít have the resources to fight back.

If recent legislation hasnít convinced you that we are fighting for our very survival, maybe the story of Robert Attleson will wake you up. Robert Attleson lives in Littleton, Colorado, where he and his long-time partner, Melissa, raise English Setters. In addition to breeding and showing dogs, Bob is active in an organization called ďAll Setter Rescue.Ē Bob has lived in his home long enough that his mortgage is paid off, so about 18 months ago, he bought the house next door, partly as a tax shelter. The number of dogs at Bobís house fluctuates as he raises and sells his litters, and moves the occasional rescue dog in and out. In the decades that Bob has lived in Littleton, not one complaint has been lodged against him for barking, for smells, or for letting his dogs run loose. When the Littleton city leaders passed a dog limit law, Bob thought his second property would keep him within the requirements of the law. The city fathers didnít see it his way. Instead, Bob became a target for harassment by animal control. Like most citizens who have never had to fight their own government, Bob tried to be reasonable, but he soon realized that he would have to leave Littleton altogether.

He purchased property 60 miles outside of Littleton, but couldnít move his dogs immediately because he needed to put up fencing. On February 14, Bob told city officials that he would have all of the dogs out of Littleton by February 18. Animal Control insisted on a meeting with Bob on February 19 to verify that the dogs were indeed gone, so they agreed to meet at 10 a.m. Having settled this, Bob and Melissa headed out to the Plum Creek Kennel Club dog show the following morning to show their English Setters, Pig and Jo, in the Best Brace competition.

Meanwhile, animal control, knowing that Bob was out of town at the dog show, requested an emergency court hearing on Friday, February 15. The Court called Bobís home and left a message informing him of the hearing. When he failed to show, the Court issued a fugitive warrant and authorized animal control to seize Bobís dogs. According to a neighbor, animal control staked out Bobís home to ensure that Bob and Melissa actually left the house before the raid. Neighbors told Bob that animal control came to the house, and when no one answered the door, departed quickly. What the neighbors didnít know was that animal control was going back to the judge to request a forcible entry warrant. About four in the afternoon, four police cars, two animal control vehicles (one from out of town, since Littleton only has one animal control truck), six police officers and two animal control agents arrived at Bobís two houses. A battering ram was used to break down the front door of the first house and the back door of the second. A window was broken so that officers could hand a litter of nine four-week-old pups through the window to waiting animal control officers. In total, four adult dogs, including the dam of the still-nursing pups, were removed from the two houses, and sent to the Colorado Humane Society. (Note: Just a few months ago, the Colorado Humane Society was the subject of a criminal investigation by the state Attorney General because of questions of financial management and care of the animals. As a result, the city of Littleton actually canceled its contract with Colorado Humane. Interestingly, the current Littleton animal control officer is a former employee of Colorado Humane.)

Melissa came home about 6:00 to check on the puppies. Seeing her doors broken down and windows broken, she raced inside to discover that her dogs were gone. There was a note telling Bob that when he came home from the dog show, he was to turn in his three show dogs to animal control. The note included an order from the judge that none of Bobís dogs were to be returned to him or to any person who may be a friend of Bobís. Melissa finally reached Bob on his cell phone. He was happily telling her that their brace of English Setters had won Best Brace in Show when Melissa told him that he needed a criminal lawyer, and fast. Bob took the three show dogs to their home in Strasburg.

Remember, this is Friday evening of a three-day weekend. Still, Bob had a lot of friends and by Saturday morning, he had located an attorney. On Sunday, he met with attorney Susan Martin and began preparing to fight back. Bob wasnít sure if the court had issued an arrest warrant, so he spent the rest of the weekend in Strasburg. His priorities were simple. First, he wanted his dogs back. Second, he wanted to stay out of jail. Third, he wanted to fight back.
His lawyer set up an emergency hearing on the following Friday, February 22. The charges against Bob were two counts of violating the three-mammal limit law, one count of having an unlicensed kennel, and one count of endangering the animals, based on a single allegation that an animal control officer inspecting in 2007 smelled urine.

During the pre-hearing negotiations, the prosecutor agreed to let Bob have all of his dogs back, but he had to plead guilty and agree to an outrageous sentence. This deal allowed Bob to meet his top priorities - he got his dogs back and he didnít have to go to jail. However, he got three years deferred jail time, $3,000 in fines and another $1,000 to reimburse the county for the ďcareĒ of his dogs. In addition, for the next three years, animal control may make unannounced inspections of his two homes in Littleton, and Bob is not allowed to bring a dog into Littleton, even to go to the veterinarian. Finally, Bob was forced to agree to an inspection of his Strasburg property by the city of Littleton.

None of the above penalties are authorized by law. The penalty for violating the limit law in Littleton is a fine, not to exceed $999. By holding Bobís dogs as hostages, the city was able to force him to agree to penalties that the court could not have legally imposed.

If California Bill AB 1634 didnít wake you up, maybe the story of Bob Attleson will do it. As with 9/11, weíre coming late and unprepared to the toughest fight of our lives. Every dog owner must write one letter, make one phone call, and put up some money to stand up for our rights. If you donít act, you may well be the last houndsman in your family.

Note: Gary Knapp of West Virginia asked me to put in a good word about West Virginia Senator Clark S. Barnes (R-District 15). Senator Barnes is working to protect the rights of dog owners by requiring a high standard of evidence before animal control can confiscate dogs. If you live in West Virginia, donít forget to support our friends in high places.

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Re: This means war...
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2008, 08:07:38 PM »
Another victim's story:


The September 11, 2001 World Trade Center / Pentagon / demise-of-passengers-on-four-American-jetliners tragedy has brought the word "terrorism " out to the forefront of media all over the world.

The American Heritage School Dictionary defines terrorism as "The use of terror, violence and intimidation to frighten people into submission". What the dictionary does not elaborate on is that there arevarious "causes" for which groups of terrorists and their cells become active. One of these causes is animal rights.

I would like to take this opportunity to briefly discuss the animal rights mentality and then describe how a few of these fanatics created havoc with my once-peaceful life.

The Animal Rights Agenda (which lists twelve goals for the abolishment of our relationship and involvement with animals) appeared originally in Animals' Agenda magazine in November, 1987, and was reprinted in The Hijacking of the Humane Movement: Animal Extremism _by Rod and Patti Strand
  • (Doral Publishing -1993). They are taken in part as follows:

1. We are firmly committed to the eventual abolition by law of animal research, and call for an immediate prohibition of painful experiments and tests.

2. The use of animals for cosmetics and household product testing, tobacco and alcohol testing, psychological testing, classroom demonstrations and dissection, and in weapons development or other warfare programs must be outlawed immediately.

3. We encourage vegetarianism/or ethical, ecological, and health reasons.

4. Steps should be taken to begin phasing out intensive confinement systems of livestock production, also called factory farming, which causes severe physical and psychological suffering for the animals kept in overcrowded and unnatural conditions.

5. The use of herbicides, pesticides, and other toxic agricultural chemicals should be phased out.

6. Responsibility for enforcement of animal welfare legislation must be transferred from the Department of Agriculture to an agency created for the purpose of protecting animals and the environment.

7. Commercial trapping and fur ranching should be eliminated.

8. Hunting, trapping, and fishing for sport should be prohibited.

9. Internationally, steps should be taken by the US government to prevent further destruction of rain forests.

10. We strongly discourage any further breeding of companion animals, including pedigreed or purebred dogs and cats.

11. We call for an end to the use of animals in entertainment and sports such as dog racing, dog and cock fighting, fox hunting, hare coursing, rodeos, circuses, and other spectacles and a critical reappraisal of the use of animals in quasi-educational institutions such as zoos and aquariums.

12. Advances in biotechnology are posing a threat to the integrity of species, which may ultimately reduce all living beings to the level of patentable commodities.

Although their desired results call for the outlawing and removal of our personal and professional relationship with animals, the one that we must concern ourselves with for the moment is the statement that is listed as:

"10. We strongly discourage any further breeding of companion animals, including pedigreed or purebred dogs and cats."

The strategy for which these fanatics pursue the destruction of dog breeders in the United States is very simple. Most people, whenpurchasing purebred dogs, want the accompanying registration papers.

Remember, there are three major reasons that papers are required:

(I) to show the dog in registry sanctioned shows

(2) to register the offspring of the registered PARENTS

(3) personal prestige

Although there are many registry organizations in the United States, I will discuss the American Kennel Club (AKC), for which my dogs are registered. Somewhere in their list of regulations, they have a rule that states if anyone is convicted in a court of law of being guilty of "animal cruelty", their privileges are automatically revoked. This means that that particular breeder is no longer allowed to, among other things, register their dogs or any progeny that are produced.

The answer to the animal rights activists' prayers. VOILA!

This makes the rest simplified for these extremists. They merely have to choose their next victim and through various methods, including, but not
limited to, total fabrications, distortions, and altered photographs and video tapes, gain a victory by succeeding in obtaining a court conviction.

The breeders are usually too traumatized or are unable to fight back due to the inability to retain legal representation. Most attorneys do not perceive this type of incident as being serious and worthwhile, or they will charge extremely high fees of which the victim is unable to afford. And those lawyers that do accept the challenge, usually are not familiar with animals or animal law .The representation of their client is weak.

I became one of those victims. ..and appropriately nicknamed the "Poster Child of the Animal Rights Movement" on one of the Internet websiteforums. Read on, and you will understand why. Please keep in mind what I stated above. The AKC will revoke privileges if you are convicted of animal cruelty. The operative word is "animal". doesn't have to be a breeding dog.

I will capsulize the incidents:

1992: (February) A neighbor, new at being an animal activist, had a personal grudge against me. In trying to make a name for herself, she filed a complaint with the police stating that one of my aged horses (40 years old) was being starved and was dying. At a ratio of three years to one, she was 120 years old in human years. The average lifespan of a
horse is 25 years.

Allow me, please, to set the scene. I had six horses at the time, five of which I had rescued from an auction, doomed to go to the slaughterhouse. They were all healthy. ..and roamed a ten acre pasture. They were free-fed hay from a 200 pound round bale, given grain daily and had access to water 24 hours a day.

Although I live on a small, quiet country road, three police cars responded to her complaint, two of which formed a road block! I was verbally abused, temporarily held against my will without an arrest warrant, threatened with arrest, and was victim to an illegal search of my property .

Her veterinarian was called to the scene. He examined the horse and advised the police she was fine -just a very old senior citizen. They left without the courtesy of an apology.

The woman was advised by my attorney to cease the harassment.

1995: (May) Knowing she had been warned to stay away, she solicited another activist that lived three hours from here to come here and participate in her place. He went to their activist friends from an SPCA from another county with a totally fabricated written complaint and altered and phony photographs. The SPCA obtained a search warrant and seized my only horse. (They also did an illegal search of the dogs, even though the judge crossed it OFF the search warrant application, and then foolishly admitted in writing that they did so.)

Unfortunately, it didn't work out as they planned because I came out with my camera and took pictures of the horse before they took her away. Also, my veterinarian drove /140/ /miles /to their facility to examine the horse. Two things they didn't count on to dispel their claims.

The animal cruelty charges were dismissed in the beginning at the arraignment level. The case never went to trial.

1997: (May) I caught the disgruntled neighbor/activist in the field with my horse! She ran as fast as she could to get to her vehicle and drove away.

I pressed charges of TRESPASSING against her.

1998: (April 17) I was falsely arrested for animal cruelty, physically assaulted twice, sexually assaulted (touched inappropriately), and tortured by two NYS troopers (police). I sustained serious injuries, including spinal injuries (cord compression, thecal sac compression with one level being totally cut off, and nerve root compression) which requires six operations with possible steel plate insertion. I also need bowel surgery, knee surgery and wrist surgery .

The complaint was again filed by the activist that lived three hours away. It was totally fabricated, including his personal resume, as in 1995. This time, not only did he use the horse to establish "probable cause" to get a search warrant for the horse, he also fabricated a story about the dogs, even though he never saw any of my dogs!

1998: (April 18) The trooper submitted false information to obtain a search warrant. In doing so, many people, including the SPCA animal activist veterinarian, arrived to execute the warrant. (This happened to be the same veterinarian that lied in the 1995 case). They brought in a deadly airborne virus which over a period of eighteen months, killed off almost all of my breeding stock, including many European imports and several litters of puppies. I lost an irreplaceable genetic pool that I developed over many years. The financial loss was a few hundred thousand dollars.

The horse was not seized. No dogs were seized.

1998: (July 17/18) During the late evening/early morning hours, a person or persons trespassed and penetrated my property and began liberating and stealing my dogs. I interrupted the theft, although I wasn't aware there were people out there. Four dogs, however, were stolen.

NOTE: The April 17, 1998 charge of animal cruelty was again dismissed at the arraignment level never went to trial.

In my quest for justice, as the plaintiff, I then proceeded to start a new trial in Federal Court. On July 6, 2001, NYS Trooper Thomas Crowley was found guilty of false arrest. The charges of excessive force, submitting false information to obtain a search warrant and malicious prosecution /were dropped. /I am still in a state of shock regarding the verdict.

I continue to pursue it in hopes an investigation will be initiated regarding the incident itself as well as the perjury at the Federal trial. If they proceed with an honest investigation, I presume there will be stiff penalties. ..hopefully jail sentences.

I will never recover from what has been done to me. But perhaps reiterating the experience will be enough to make you think twice about the animal rights movement and how it can effect you.

Please do not think it could never happen to you. You must be prepared. Always have a camera or camcorder handy with fresh batteries and film. You must be able to prove what your animals looked like, because their real appearance and what you will be accused of are two entirely different descriptions.

You are not immune to terrorism. Terrorism has no boundaries.

September 11, 2001 proved that.


  • Patti Strand is the Director of the National Animal Interest

Alliance. The website address is   The NAIA is
an educational organization concerned with animal welfare issues and
provides balancing information regarding animal rights activities. It
would be worthwhile for you to spend some time and peruse the site. You
may also be interested in joining their ANIMAL TALK forum, an
information discussion board.

@copyright September 2001


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